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Druzy Quartz Cabochons

Wholesale Drusy/Druzy quartz cabochons in Platinum, black diamond, blue sapphire, gold and all other colors

Information about Drusy Quartz Cabochons
When you think of drusy quartz then sparkling crystals and shine strikes in your head, isn’t it? Well, this stone looks different from all other natural semi precious and precious cabochons/stones. This is one of the natural stone which is irreplaceable and found in more than 15-20 colors (more details in later paragraphs).

What is drusy quartz and how it is manufactured?
There are hundreds of rumors on etymology of term “Quartz” but the most accepted opinions are the word Quartz is derived from the Greek word ‘krystallos’ (ice) or the German ‘quarz’. As you know quartz is most abundant mineral on earth and found in wide variety of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Drusy is found in quartz geodes.

Drusy is one of term which is used by many mineralogists which tends for encrustations of small crystals. Cubic, monoclinic, polygon and others are used to define different behavior of crystals. Drusie gemstones are popular among jewelry designers and buyers. Druzy or drusy gemstones cabochons have a texture like sugar crystals on surface. Basically it has a base of natural agate and on top a thin layer of natural crystals. Sometimes natural geodes like amethyst and citrine geodes also referred as druzy. Druzy crystals are like a magic carpet on agate and when silica (sio2) carried by ground water strike the stones/rocks or deposited in the permeable areas of the rocks then formation of drusy takes place but this natural process is not overnight process, it takes a long time. All fine quality natural druzy cabochons available in market are made by CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) process in which drusy is coated with titanium or gold coating.

Gemstones-cabochons(dot)com is manufacturing all sizes and shapes in drusy quartz cabochons
Normally drusie quartz stones starts with 6mm and goes up to 70mm plus. Common sizes are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm in rounds and 8×6, 10×8, 12×10, 14×10, 16×12, 18×13 ovals. Some designers also use hearts, cushions, triangle drusy in their designs. We have a special unit for this stone which has been manufacturing more than 2500 pieces in a day for different countries’ buyers. Sometimes buyers prefer hole to put a chain inside the stone so we also drill drusy as per customers’ requirements so you can say we are one stop supplier for all sort of drusies (Drill drusy stones, titanium and window druzy).

Why it easy to make jewelry by this gemstone – Most of the startup designers starts with drusy stones because it’s one of easiest stone to play with. Some designers use bezel (Gold, silver) bezels with ring and make pendants, bracelets and rings by this.

Know everything about drusy cabochons including color chart, quality, types and other aspects
There is two types running in market; Flat and window drusy and later it can be categorized into titanium and gold. We have both AA and AAA quality in both titanium and window drusy quartz. AA quality comes with uneven and slight big size crystals than AAA. Basic quality factors are crystals size and distribution of crystals. In AAA quality crystals sizes come very small with even distribution. Check the picture to know more difference between AA and AAA quality drusy.
drusy types

Color chart of drusy quartz – We have been manufacturing in more than 15 colors (Including titanium and gold), you can check some basic colors here. If you need any other color apart from these then you can let us know. We have different colors like Gold, Aqua dream, Blue, Platinum, Black, Rose Gold, Sliver, Golden dream, Forest, Lavender. If you need any other color than below mentioned chart, we can also manufacture that for you.

Drusy Color chart

Pricelist of druzy cabs gemstones – You can simply write us an email or send your inquiry through contact us form to know more information and prices of our drusy stones.

Beware of fake drusy/druzy suppliers
Are you buying a right stone? Well you need to know everything before you buy. Many buyers come to us and share their stories of the way they tricked by some fake Chinese and Indian suppliers selling on ebay or websites who supplied them painted drusy rather than natural drusy.

As drusy has been very popular stone so some fake suppliers made it a source to make money by some illegal ways. In natural process, this stone is made by a agate base and natural crystals by using chemical vapor deposition; in which drusy are kept in set up (Gas + Titanium or gold metal) and during the process the metal bonds in a way that results in color by varying metals and gas level and process timings different shades and color can be created.

Some fake supplier are supplying fake drusy which is painted on a ragged surface. They are diminishing the beauty of this beautiful stone by making some imitations. When you a warm of soapy cloth then and rub it on imitation then color comes off and sparkle becomes light. The united states invented this drusy but in last 2 years many Chinese and Indian supplier started a plant to make imitations at very low prices even few cents per piece. Please inform your friends about this and share this page to aware people about drusy.

Here are sample pictures of Natural drusy cabochons wholesale –
flat drusy cabochons window drusy cabochons

Natural drusy geodes
Dyed drusy natural drusy




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