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Turquoise Cabs

We produce Turquoise Cabochons in Stabilized (Arizona & Chinese) and we have Dyed Turquoise at wholesale. Below are some pictures.

Turquoise is one of oldest and ancient gemstone. More than 5,000 years ago Egyptian royalty wore jewelry of this stone. When you think of etymology of turquoise the gem’s name derives from the French expression “pierre tourques”.

Turquoise is opaque gemstone which comes in light sky blue to green-ish blue color. Natural one always comes with matrix or lines on the stone; it is difficult to find good color big size natural turquoise stone without matrix. Sometimes those lines called web patterns. If you look for 100% natural then you cannot find, all turquoise available in market are somehow processed, It is very soft stone almost like chalk and easily brittle just by a little press. This gem is porous and being stabilized by injecting resin inside and then after it becomes solid and ready to cut for cabochons or beads.

Mostly Arizona (The united states), Tibetan, Chinese, Iranian turquoises are running in market. Natural Arizona turquoise which comes in light blue color, is most famous turquoise in all types. In today’s market, prices for Arizona (Sleeping beauty) one  are touching the sky because of shortage of turquoise raw material and all good material rough has been mined out already and now Arizona turquoise with matrix, lines, white spots are
green color turquoise  stablized turquoise cabochons
Natural Turquoise cabochons

We manufacture Turquoise Cabochon in our manufacturing units in India and Thailand. We have a great team of expert craftsmen who do smart work with very hard work for the satisfaction of our customers.

Have a glimpse of different types of turquoise –

Manmade Turquoise: As explained above that natural turquoise is hardly available in market now and most of the turquoise available in market is synthetic. Color enhanced minerals, celluloid, resin, plastic is used in this process but manmade turquoise resembles natural one (Read below about how to identify real one) and remains same like natural if not treated or chemical cleaned in anyway. Howlite, calcite and limestone are the material used to imitate natural one.

Reconstituted or Stabilized Processes: As explained above that this gem is pores and easily brittle naturally. Silica treatment, waxing, resin, chemicals and other treatments are used in stabilization process. Cheapest method is plastic hardening method; in this one plastic is filled in the pores. In other methods other materials is used to fill in pores to increase hardness.

Conclusion – Stabilization is not any treatment, if you go for a certification of stabilized turquoise then it results you natural turquoise and it is accepted in market.

Source Turquoise cabochons from our company – We have been manufacturing this since last 12 years and our main customers are from the United States, Middle East, Canada and Europe. We have been manufacturing all different types of turquoise cabochons; Arizona sleeping beauty, manmade and Tibetan. We disclose everything to our customers in starting of conversation because we believe in fair and long term business. We source raw material and cut in out factories in all sizes from 2mm to 15mm in all shapes.

How to differentiate between natural and man made turquoise, please don’t consider the top gem quality in this–

Matrix, white and black spots – Manmade always come completely clean without matrix and black spots, some manufacturers are also manufacturing with matrix and spots but those matrix or lines very clean and can be identified easily.

Color unevenness – Natural one never comes with completely even color distribution, you will always see mix of light and dark with green and blue mixture of color. Synthetic or manmade comes with even color distribution.

Contact us for loose turquoise cabochons – If you are searching for a semi precious and precious cabochons supplier for turquoise cabs then your search end here, simply write a mail or contact us through contact form to know more about turquoise and leave your requirements’ inquiry there and we will be reply you back within few hours. Please write your desired sizes, shapes and quantities and feel free to ask any question. Our first aim to aware people about gemstones then our next aim is to provide them at competitive prices.

Turquoise Cabochons Astrology
A couple facing problems in their married life should definitely wear Turquoise. This gemstone is well-known for maintaining harmony in the married life of the user by providing deep faith and understanding in couple. Right from the ancient times, Turquoise Cabochons has been considered as Holy Stone of Muslims because of its reference in the Holy book Bible. When worn as a pendant, it safeguards the life of travelers from accidents and natural calamities. It is believed that Turquoise has some powers for the protection against the evils. Turquoise Cabochons are Sagittarius birth stone and wedding anniversary gemstone for 5th and 11th year of marriage. The reputation of Turquoise in healing the problems related to throat, lungs, asthma and teeth is very high.

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Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan