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Tiger eye cabochons

The Tigers Eye Cabochon, which is an assortment of Chatoyant Quartz, is a favorite stone for its metaphysical power and its natural occurrence.

The name Tigers Eye is called because of the black stripes on its natural color. Iron Oxide is the element, which gives this stone a depth and natural saturation of varying shades of golden and yellow stripes.

The hardness of Tigers Eye Cabochon is 7 on the scale of Moh. If you want to buy this stone at wholesale prices, then you can contact us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com and submit your requirements.
tiger eyes cabochons
As Tiger is the representative of power, strength and the ability to survive, the Tigers Eye Cabochon gemstone provides same imagery and the power. If you are looking for a stone, which can lead you to achieve your success in business, ambitions or other focused endeavors, then Tigers Eye Cabochon is the best option for you.

Historically it is said that Tigers Eye Cabochon gemstone provides protection to the holder during travel and it was used in protective medicine. It enhances the integrity, practicality, willpower and it also help the holder to use the power correctly.

According to Roman mythology, it is helpful against Black Magic. We are the manufacturer of Tigers Eye Cabochon and we have our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand.

For more details about Tigers Eye Cabochon or any other Cabochon gemstone, feel free to contact us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com and let us know about your query. It would our pleasure to edify you.

Tiger Eye Cabochons Astrology-

The wearer of Tiger Eye Cabochons will be blessed with increased in fortune and prosperity in life. The stone will removes all darkness and brings happiness and rays of new light in wearer’s life. Tiger Eye is sometimes also called up by the name Cat’s Eye. Tiger Eye is best and highly effective for astrological sign Virgo. This stone is extremely popular for the treatments of bronchial ailments, severe headaches as well as for treating migraines. It is also a recommended stone for asthmatic patients. Tiger Eye promotes clear-eyed vision which helps the wearer to see himself and the world around him more perceptively.

Tiger Eye Cabochons




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