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Tiger eyes cabochons

What Is Tiger Eye Stone?
This stone is a member of the quartz group and a type of blue asbestos and silica that is naturally found in quartz. Usually, Tigers eye cut out of metamorphic rock as well as has a silky luster and is often found to have colors of red-brown to gold. But, the gemstone has not wholly silicified, then it makes a rarer blue color that is called Hawk’s eye.

Chemical Formula: SiO2
Color: Yellow, Brown, Multicolored
Hardness: 7
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Refractive Index (RI): 1.54 – 1.55
SG:  2.63 – 2.65
Transparency: Opaque
Luster: Silky
Cleavage: Indiscernible
Mineral Class: Quartz (Chalcedony)

Where Does Tigers Eye Come From?
Most of tigers eye comes from India, south Africa,  Australia  and US.

What Is Special About Tigers Eye?
This gem is a favorite when it comes to protective stones and the watchful eye energy of the stone has long been used in different forms of jewelry as well as protective home decor. Also, tigers eye can help balance and clear emotions unlike other protective  gems, for example, carnelian or black tourmaline, so it is contributing to a calm mind and peaceful disposition.

What Special Meaning Does It Have?
Gemstones have religious beliefs as well as meanings that have carried through the decades. Like a tiger, anyone who wears the tiger eye has the patience to wait for the opportune moment as well as has great determination. You will have the courage to fight negative energy by wearing the gem. The harmony tiger eye brings is calming and helpful with meditation. Remember, meditations with this stone will be complete with a total concentration. So, use your tiger eye gem to its fullest potential.

Properties And Healing Effects Of Tigers Eye
Wearing the Tiger’s Eye Gems apparently helps improve values of self-esteem and self-dignity. It’s also highly related to qualities of patience and tolerance, and other spiritual values. This stone, when worn in contact with the skin, helps spread joy and raises the importance of peace within, and also improves the wearer’s health. It promotes courage and self-integration. Among health issues, the stone helps heal skin disorder and bone and tissue wounds.

Tiger’s Eye is an inexpensive gemstone and used in beads for necklaces and bracelets, as well as pendants. Also, the stone is also used for costume jewelry and used for ornate carvings or floral pins occasionally. Tiger Eye tones cuts are encountered, but are not common.




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