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Tanzanite Cabs

Buy calibrated and free size Tanzanite Cabochons in rounds,ovals, cushions

Tanzanite is the gemstone of USA. Looking to buy or source Tanzanite Cabochon at very competitive prices?

The prices below are for Medium-Good Quality, which means nice color, but slight-medium inclusions. This quality is most often used. Below are prices for Round Sizes in Tanzanite, we also have Ovals, Pear shapes, Trillions, Hearts in Tanzanite Cabochons. Here are the picture of “D block” top quality Tanzanite cabochons with minimum inclusions:

Wholesale Tanzanite cabochons

natural tanzanite

History of Tanzanite Cabochons
“Tanzanite” is one the hottest gemstone in series of blue color. This gem was first found in northern Tanzania (East Africa). This gemstone comes under category of mineral “Zoisite” and was named after its origin country. Tiffany and company made this stone popular overnight among jewelry designers and other gemologist. It came into attention of general public when Kate winslet first wore it in movie “Titanic”.

This stone comes in light to dark violet-ish blue and bluish purple in color. “Pleochroism” is one of the main properties of this stone which means it shows different color level hues from different directions.
Tanzanite is heated to make better color and heating is accepted in market. Calibration sizes Tanzanite cabochons are rarer than free size. You will easily get free size TZ cabs but it is difficult to found a supplier who manufactures calibrated size tanzanite cabochons. Our manufacturing unit which is situated in Thailand, has been making all calibrated and free size Tanzanite cabochons at wholesale quantities.

Why Tanzanite availability is low in market and prices are skyrocketing?
Our company already stocked Tanzanite rough for cabochons and now we are capable to supply easily at competitive prices to our customers. As Tanzania is only source for raw material of this stone, this is the reason of price behind high prices of tanzanite. Tanzania’s government is very strict on export of tanzanite rough stone now and mainly processing it from there only and some people, who illegally export rough of tanzanite, ask for high prices and that is not worth buying to illegal material. This stone is a very good investment because sooner it will be very rare like Burma rubies because availability is very doubtful for it.

Source Amethyst cabochons from gemstones-cabochons(dot)com at wholesale prices
When we started manufacturing of this stone that time this gem was not that popular but our research and development department were having a good intuition and finally they were right and today you can see how popular this stone is. Well we have been manufacturing all free sizes and 2mm to 10mm calibration tanzanite gemstones in our factories. We are having all different shades in this from light to dark. Basically prices depend on color, more dark color costs you more and light color is cheaper. In the next segment see the color chart of tanzanite and understand basic price and color graph between both. Our expert craftsmen have associated with us since 1993 and all are well experienced in cutting of all semi precious cabochons and precious cabochon.

Color chart and color-price graph of tanzanite – There is different perspective of different buyers in this stone, some buyers pay more prices for more purplish-blue with medium color and some buyers prefer darker color. If we talk about general perspective then as explained slightly in above paragraph that price of tanzanite cabochons depends on color, quality and size. More dark with perfect saturation without any inclusion or cracks will be high in prices. Calibrated sizes are high in per carat prices than free sizes because when we cut it a calibrated size tanzanite then we has to go through a huge weight loss of the stone. Basically if you grade tz cabs on based on color and quality then A – light color and slight cracks and inclusions inside, AA – Medium color with no eye visible cracks and slight inclusions, AAA – No inclusions, no cracks and dark well saturated colors.
Top quality material often comes in cabochons; mainly you will see AAA (Top quality) material in cut stones of tanzanite. Prices depend on sizes and carat weight also. If we talk about free size tanzanite cabochons then below 5 carats will costs most cheap and 5-15 carats medium price range then 15 carats plus will be higher in prices.

Looking to buy top quality D block Tanzanite? Know what exactly D block is – If you know about tanzanite then I am sure you heard it also so basically Tanzanian government referred top quality material as D block. Tanzanian government divided tanzanite mines in A, B, C and D blocks and material which comes from block D called “D” block material, it doesn’t mean top quality material only found in D block but also found in A, B and C, but larger quantities has been found in D block. Top quality material is well known for investment purpose. World’s biggest tanzanite weighs around 16,839 carats (more than 3kgs) was found in Mirelani (Tanzania’s northern Manyara region) and it was named “The Mawenzi” after world’s second highest peak Kilimanjaro.

Detail study of Tanzanite rough export ban by Tanzanian government -
It has become American’s favorite gemstone and by seeing increasing demand of this gem, Tanzanian government has banned export of rough of big size. Government took this step to develop jobs, revenues and to help local people. Only people who have old stock of rough are only surviving in this market.

Details of Tanzanite
Sources – Tanzania
Color – Blue-violet
Hardness on Mohs scale- Between 6 and 7
Ultrasonic and steam cleaning – Never
Warm and Soap water – Always safe

Stock availability in loose wholesale tanzanite cabochons
We always stock rough of tanzanite and cut on orders but some sizes we also keep in stock like regular size 6mm, 8mm in rounds, ovals, pears and other shapes. Cushions, rounds, ovals are more popular shapes in this. We also keep free size tanzanite for rings, pendants and earrings.

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Simply drop us a mail through contact us form for loose tanzanite cabochons in any size and shape and we will get back to you with in few hours with prices, pictures and other details. Please email us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan