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Sky Blue Topaz Cabs

Buy loose AAA Sky Blue Topaz Cabochons in rounds, ovals, cushion, square and other shapes

Introduction of loose wholesale sky blue topaz cabochons
Most of researchers say that the name topaz is derived from Topazios. “Topazios” is old greek word for an island, now known as Zabargad (That island produced was a source of peridot and earlier peridot was mistaken by topaz), Sky Blue topaz is stone that resembles to Aquamarine which is approx five times higher in prices. Good hardness, durable, abundant and soft colors are the properties which define sky blue topaz gemstone. This gem is widely used in silver jewelry because of low prices and good color. There is not replacement of this stone in such a low prices. According to some persons topaz means “Fire” in Sanskirt. Here are some physical and optical properties of this stone –

Hardness – 8 on Mohs scale
Refractive index – 1.610-1.638
Specific gravity – 3.4-3.6
Transparency – transparent
Birthstone – December

Topaz is made of aluminum, silicate and other elements and because of strong chemical bonding it is one the hardest gemstone which has hardness 8 on Mohs scale. Birefringence of this stone is high and light pass through every part of the stone and then reflect back to eyes and stone looks elegant.

How it is sky blue topaz cabochons are manufactured?
Blue Topaz is not naturally blue in color, it comes in white color which is called white topaz and later on irradiation process made it blue. All blue topaz types (Sky, Swiss, Baby swiss and London blue) are irradiated and made of natural white topaz. Sky blue topaz is the lightest shade in all and takes minimum time to get ready (2-3 months) and irradiated by gamma rays, heating and cooling. Color of all blue topaz is permanent like natural stone and do not fade with the time. Blue topaz is the most famous and demanding stone in different color of topaz (white, imperial, sherry, pink etc.)

sky blue topaz sky topaz cabochons

Blue Topaz cabochons color chart -
blue topaz cabochon colors

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Wholesale-cabochons(dot)com is supplying sky blue topaz cabochons in all sizes and shapes
You are a jewelry designer company, reseller or gem collector and looking for a supplier who can complete your needs in cabochons then simply contact us for all micro to big sizes (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and other big sizes) in all gemstones cabs in wholesale quantities. We keep all shapes and sizes in stock and we have our own manufacturing situated in Thailand. We are producing more than 4000 pieces of different sizes cabs in different stones and completing orders f buyers from different nations.

Why Buy Loose sky blue topaz cabochons rather than pre-set jewelry?
Here are the reasons –
1. Save your money – If you buy a jewelry then jeweler adds his high profit in gemstones too because he/she also source from a gemstone supplier so it is always profitable to buy directly from manufacturer or gemstone supplier. This way you can save up to 20-25% money of yours and a penny saved is a penny earned.

2. Know what you are buying and get the best quality – When you are buying directly from jeweler then he will not inform you about quality of stones which he/she is using in his/her designs and some jewelry designers fix the stones in such a way that you cannot judge the quality unless you take out the stone. You can select your desired quality, color, cut when you gemstone separately.

3. Choose your metal and design – Many times it happens when we see any jewelry and wish the same jewelry in some other metal so now no need to wish, this time is to make it true. You can simply choose the metal (Yellow gold or silver or white gold or mixture of different metals) by your own. Next it comes to design, when you go to jewelry shop then it shows you few ready designs and you always compromise and choose from what they have but in buying loose gems cabochons you don’t need to compromise and no need to dependent on what is available on jewelry shop.

Moreover, if you have already bought a Topaz ring or Topaz Jewelry and would like to know how you can clean your blue topaz jewelry, then Navneet Gems (our main website) has written a great infographic.

How to start from scratch (gemstones buying) to ready jewelry -
Step 1 – You can simply find a good supplier on internet like we are, of gemstones and ask him for your requirement [Size, stone name, quality (a, aa, aaa) ] then confirm everything with them and ask to ship it to your place (Save transportation charges).

Step 2 – Contact any good jewelry designer and tell her/him your requirements and dimensions and he will suggest you different designs.

Step 3 – Find any good manufacturer and send him your designs and stones and he/she will prepare jewelry for you.

These simple three steps can save 40% of your money and most importantly the happiness you feel when you do all these jobs by own and wear jewelry made by you (indirectly). Everything is available on internet and your friend Google is always there to help you out and find good suppliers.


Sources, mines and raw material of blue topaz
Blue topaz is made of natural white topaz as stated above. White topaz is found in rhyolite  and metamorphic rocks.  Topaz is one of the stones which is found all around the world. It is found with other beryl stones in Sri Lanka, Northern part of the united states, Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan Mexico, Austraila and other countries. Minas Gerais in Brazil is the most popular state of topaz rough.

Astrology, mythology and beliefs -
The most biggest and popular topaz is a giant which is set in the Portuguese Crown, the Braganza (From Minas Gerais in Brazil), which was first considered diamond and another beautiful topaz is in Dresden, Germany set in the Green Vault. There is also a beautiful topaz set in the Green Vault in Dresden.
There is different mythology of different countries’ people behind topaz. Ancient Greeks used it for strength. Europeans used to break magic spells and keep away the negativity and on the other side Indians used it for beauty, long life and brain.

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