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Rutile Quartz Cabochons

Golden, Black, Yellow Rutile Quartz Cabochon with clear quality

The beautiful Rutile Quartz Cabochon is available at our store in wholesale prices. We are one of the biggest wholesale suppliers of Rutile Quartz Cabochon.

Rutile Quartz is one of the magical stone that people doubt on its natural characteristics. It is made of TiO2 and has high refractive index. When we talk about etymology of this stone then this word is derived from word “Rutilus”, which is a Latin word. Like moonstone, amber and other stones mainly cabochons, beads and bracelet is manufactured in this because in cabochon cut it looks the most elegant. As it is one of gem from quartz family which covers 11-12% of earth’s crust. This beauty of nature can be worn in jewelry or used as decorative item or carry in pocket.

Presence of Rutile Quartz
It is one type of crystal with needles/rutile inside. Rutile can be brown, yellow, black and golden colored. Quartz mainly found in Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, the United States, Africa and some Asian countries. This is one of the stone in which inclusions (Hair/Rutile/Needles) decides the value of the stone. If you are thinking that more needles’ stones will be more valuable than it is not. Please see the factors which work -

1. Axis and visibility of needles – If each rutile is visible and all are on same axis then it will be higher in prices. Some rare pieces are star rutile quartz (needles makes a star form) are very high in prices.

Cooper Rutile Quartz

2. Color of rutile – Nowadays golden and cooper color is not easily available and good quality raw material is becoming difficult to find so this cooper and golden rutile quartz are higher prices when we compare to black color (availability of raw material).

3. No Cloudiness – There should be clouds inside the stone and all hair should be visible clearly. Sometimes stone will be full of needles but they overlap each other and not clearly visible, this kind of quality will be very low in prices.

There is huge availability of poor quality material (no visible needles, full of clouds) but hard of find good quality rutile quartz cabochons supplier. We are manufacturing different types of quality as per customers’ requirements.

Conclusion – If you are looking for a gem quality rutile quartz cabochon then always look for a big size stone which have clearly visible hair/needles with good arrangement and color depends on your choice.

Astrology and why to use rutlie quartz
People wear it in jewelry to look good but apart from this, it has many significant uses that you should be aware of. It is said by astrologers that this stone is very useful to improve your productivity and focus your attention. In love relationship, it stables your relationship and takes off all your fights with your beloved. When sometimes you feel down then it helps to revive you chakras and enhance the energy level. If you have a problem of having nightmares then you can put it under your pillow and it will help you to get a better sleep and sweet dreams.

It can be your friend, YES! If you feel lonely then use of this stone can remove that sadness from your life and provide you energy for self believe and reliance.  Many mediation center are using rutile quartz spheres, wands in their activities that helps them you proper exercise of mind and take away all negative energy from your mind and heart and provide you positivity which really can change your life.

History of Rutile Quartz – Since Roman and Greek times, people are using this stone in jewelry and some kings used to use this in their swords, crowns and throne. Later on French doctors used this to cure bronchitis then use of rutile quartz started apart from jewelry. This stone became a heirloom and passed on by generations to generations and later it was discovered in northern America. As described above that kings and ancient army also used this in their battle’s tools, it helped them to protect from bows and arrows of counter team.

Physical and optical Properties of Rutile or ruiltated Quartz

Hardness – 7 to 8 on Mohs scale
Specific Gravity – 2.65
Refractive Index – 1.54 to 1.55
Dispersion – 0.013
Colour (Needles) – Brown, black, cooper, sliver, golden
Transparency – Transparent, Translucent and Opaque
Lustre – Vitreous

Sizes and quality availability in our gemstone cabochons manufacturing
As per seeing market’s demand we are producing different grades in this stone which starts from 0.25-0.40$ per carat and goes high based on quality. Our factory is producing more than 7000 pieces in a week in rutile quartz in each color. We complete your all requirements from 2mm to 20mm and above sizes in all different colors. We have our team working in overseas and buying raw material for us. When we started then we faced problems for raw material and gradually we built our contacts and now we are on the position that we can source raw material in competitive prices by just a mail or phone call, it took a dedication and hard work to reach on this stage. We started with team of 3 persons and later on added more person with us and now we have big team and having offices overseas all around the world. All our aim is to provide you best services, quality products and competitive prices.

Golden Rutile Cabochon Rutile Gemstones Cabochons

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