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Rose Quartz Gemstone: Enhances Health, Romance, Love Relationships

Rose Quartz precious stone is a quartz crystal that gets its name from its pretty rose pink color. The crystal comes in a wide range of attractive shades of pink, and is a gem that characterizes the vibration of love. That is why Rose Quartz stone is representative of the energy of love, calming energy and peace. One of the truths about the Rose Quartz gem that is extremely vital is its usefulness at healing personal affairs and relationships.

rose quartz cabochons

Rose Quartz is the stone of love in marriage as well and when it is worn in jewelry, then the wearer of the stone feels a sense of self-esteem. If you are married, then carrying this stone or keeping it under your pillow can have more sparkles. Keep a piece of this gem by your bedside table, or in the home to attract new love or to add faith to existing relationships.

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties Of Rose Quartz Cabochon

Chemical Composition SiO2 Silicon Dioxide with inclusions of Iron and or Titanium
Crystal System Triclinic Crystal System
Astrological Sign Number 7
Numerical Vibration Libra, and Taurus
Color Pink
Hardness 7 Hardness
Rarity Common
Pronunciation rohz qwarts
Mineral Class Silicates
Category: Cut & Polished Crystals
Shape Cabochons
Issues and Ailments Connecting with Christ Consciousness, Increasing Positive Energy, Spiritual Love, Divine Love, Heart Chakra and Unconditional Love
Extra Grade Gorgeous deep pink or purple color, translucent, < 10% matrix
A Grade Pleasant pink color, partially translucent, 10% – 25% matrix
B Grade Poor pink color, opaque, and > 25% matrix
Significant Gem Localities Brazil, Burma (Myanmar), Madagascar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka

Generally, Rose Quartz is one of the most pleasing varieties of Quartz, and it is believed that it opens the heart to all forms of love and bringing forgiveness, compassion, gentleness, kindness, tolerance, particularly between lovers. Apart from this, the stone balances the emotions and bringing inner peace or harmony with calming aggression and improving sensitivity while increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. Rose quartz is one of the gems that used to attract love in magic as well as is often used to be a magnet for love in love spells. It is said that the stone makes a person learn to give importance to his or her self-worth and create a sense of self-respect, and being extremely efficient to mend emotional wounds and helping to deal with sorrow. You can find rose quartz gemstones in shops worldwide. You can also order them online with no trouble, and for a cheaper price, you need to find online. The prime benefits of buying them from online stores that you will more designs and styles as well as compared prices.

Combine Rose Quartz with other love gemstones:

  • To stabilize a great relationship: Rose Quartz + Chrysocolla
  • To defeat fear or anxiety related to matters of the heart: Rose Quartz + Watermelon tourmaline
  • To beat jealousy: Rose Quartz +Chrysoprase
  • To open yourself to new experiences: Rose Quartz +Peridot or Azurite
  • To become more extroverted: Rose Quartz + Imperial Topaz or Citrine

It is an excellent heart-healing stone and is a natural remedy that can be used to treat any problem that requires emotional healing. Rose quartz is a pink-colored precious stone that holds a calm and soothing energy and provides comfort to everyone whose heart has been hurt.

Remedy Advantages Of Rose Quartz Gemstone:

  • Encourages Self Love
  • Alleviates Loneliness
  • Let’s Go Repressed Hurts
  • Promotes Forgiveness And Provides Inner Peace
  • Cures Emotional Body
  • Eases Heartache

Magical And Spiritual Purposes
The Rose Quartz gemstone is associated with the component of the Water, the Moon, the Tarot card of the Lovers and the direction west. Magical reasons for use in Spell and ritual work related to Rose Quartz are for pulling love towards you, healing and protection. In addition, the stone is used for weight loss, fertility and youthfulness as well. Rose Quartz is the best gem for meditation because it helps tranquil and balances a disturbed mind in times of stress. Besides, the gem can help the wearer open to love, either from yourself or from others.

Healing Properties
The stone is extremely useful during pregnancy or childbirth as well as is useful in adaptable hormones or aiding fertility. Additionally, it has relations to rejuvenate as well, and is connected to the Heart Chakra and is particularly helpful in ‘matters of the heart’ whether emotional or physical and is advantageous for curative suffering caused by heartache, heartbreak by means of love affairs, and divorce.

Metaphysical Properties
This is a gemstone of mild affection and love because it cures emotional pain and wounds with its calming salve. It opens the heart to the exquisiteness within and all around us, and starts its healing by minimizing bitterness. Rose Quartz is like an Amethyst to the Heart same like amethyst is to the Spirit. Lord knows, they require unconditional love in dealing with spouses and friends in the program. In addition, it is not only unconditional love for others, but also for themselves.

Physical Properties
Helps healing of depression, heart fortification, blood circulation, encourages fertility and sexual problems. The stone also prevents wrinkles and encourages a good-looking complexion. In addition, Rose Quartz is used to heal ailments of the heart, lungs and thymus. It is also known to help heal breast cancer as well as is a great support gemstone for most other kinds of cancer as well. This gem helps bring about a younger complexion aides in circulatory, adrenal gland, spleen or kidney ailments. Besides, it alleviates vertigo, varicose veins and asthma in addition to eases problems and balances the sex drive.

How To Take Care Of Rose Quartz
Rose quartz gemstone might regularly negative energies, and the stone can be detoxified by sipping it in the water during the night or in a bowl filled with quartz stones for another night. The gemstone can be washed with warm soap water and dried off with a soft cloth, but not being extremely hard minerals, it must be avoided from cuts or scratches.