Rose Quartz Cabochon

Rose Quartz Cabochons available in almost all dimensions at our store. We are one of the biggest suppliers of Rose Quartz Cabochon. 

Wholesale Supplier of Rose quartz Cabochons

Rose quartz is dominantly found and produced in our factories in wholesale usually for Cabochons, and the same situation lies in the market. Rose Quartz is one of the most distint opaque gemstone because of its color. Almost all of the Rose quartz being manufactred is from India because of its cheap labour cost and skills we pocess.   We sell Rose Quartz Cabochon at very competitive prices and we can assure you that you will get the best wholesale prices of this gemstone. We manufacture the desired shapes in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand.

Different Qualities of Rose quartz available with us

There are many different types of qualities avaiable for Rose Quartz Cabochons. There are two ways to differentiate the quality of Rose quartz - interms of its inclusions and in terms of its color. The most commonly found quality that women and thus our Jewellery customers of Cabochon resellers like are shown in the bottom picture, which are High quality - Extremely nice pleasant Pink color (Mlky), with no inclusions at all.

Rose Quartz Cab Rose Quartz Cab

Some of our customers want the Low quality of Rose quartz just like below, the first picture is color based but has inclusions and some color problems with white lines and inclusions especially visible when you take the piece in front of light and these fractures would be easily visible.



If you want to know the prices of the different qualities of the Rose quartz simply email us at with the sizes, shapes and number of pieces or carats you are looking to source in Rose quartz cabochons. We will reply back within 12 hours of email. All sizes and shapes are available, as well as Freesize Rose quartz stones that come very reasonable because we cut the Rough as it is, and lots of different parcels are available in this genre. We can also do 

Rose Quartz cabochons color chart - In Rose quartz, size plays a vital role in color. In small size till 10mm you can have very good color in normal price but if you ask for GEM color of very nice color in big sizes then it will not come in regular prices. If you want cheaper in prices with good color then it will come in cloudy (opaque material). Transperncy + color are two big factors in rose quartz.

rose quartz cabochons color chart

Rose Quartz Mines/Origin

Rose quartz can come from many different variety of small and big countries. However the major imports of our Rough Rose Quartz is from Brazil because of consistency and bulk imports. Rumford, Maine, USA, Minas Gerais also have small deposits of Rose quartz.

Contact us for any requirements of Rose Quartz Cabochons and stop paying retail prices

You can contact us at to tell us about your requirements and you will get reply within 12 hrs. If you have any doubts in your mind then write to us and we will solve it at our best.

Rose-Quartz Cabochons Astrology

Rose Quartz Cabochons are often called as Heart Stone or the Love Stone. This stone opens doors to all forms of love which includes family love, romantic love, patriotic love and of course self- love also. Moreover, it soothes the soul of the individual and also minimizes stress. This stone also helps in balancing one’s emotions and results into raising the self-esteem and sense of self-worth of the wearer. Carrying Loose Stones of Rose Quartz facilitates helpful in healing childhood traumas to the children who feel being rejected at home. Many of customers suffering from the problem of heart, fertility, kidney diseases, depression and addiction reported back us the benefits of wearing Rose Quartz Cabochons. Star sign Taurus is primary associated with Rose Quartz and the other being Libra.