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Blue moonstone cabochons

Rainbow or Blue Moonstone Cabochons cabochons in different qualities

Blue moonstone is one of most famous gemstone which is widely used all around the world because of its magnificent and unbelievable blue sheen or firing inside the stone. If you are wearing blue moonstone and shows someone who is not from gemstone and jewelry background, he/she can’t believe that such a beautiful gemstone is possible naturally. The moonstone is known by an enthralling play of light, its mysterious shimmer always seems different when it is rotated slightly from one direction to another and this effect is called “adularescence”. If you want a perfect heirloom piece then nice quality blue moonstone is best to buy.

Quality Factors of blue moonstone –
Basic factors to judge moonstones are; Iridscent blue firing, transperancy and clarity. More transperant and blue firing quality comes higher in prices. Basic range starts from 0.25-0.30$ per carat and goes high according to quality. As you can see different qualities with general price range picture which is shown below, this is general price range of free size cabochons. If you want regular calibrated size then you can email us for this. In calibration, prices depends on size and quality mainly, the bigger size is higher in prices. For example if you want top gem quality blue moonstone 25mm then it is very rare now because of unavailability of raw material. Most of the top quality material has mined out and now only medium and poor grade is available in mines, due to this reason prices are increasing. This moonstone comes with mix blue and rainbow firing but mostly people prefer blue one.

In this gemstone, there is simple formula for quality and price –
More transparency + More Blue firing = High in price
Less transparency (Opaque) + Less blue firing = lower in price
To buy Blue Moonstone Cabochons at wholesale prices, you can contact us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com and write us about your requirements.

Cabochon are generally made of those gemstones which are translucent or opaque. When the top of the gemstone is convex and the bottom is flat, this shape is called Cabochon of that gemstone. Blue Moonstone Cabochon is a symbol of sensual, feminine aura. It looks very beautiful in jewelry. Mystic and magic surround this gemstone in a good amount. There are different myths in different cultures about Blue Moonstone. In many cultures, this stone is respected as a magical and holy gemstone.

In many cultures, Blue Moonstone Cabochons regarded as “Dream Stone”. It is said that this stone bring the beautiful vision to the wearer in the night. In Arabic countries, it is said that this is the symbol of fertility. So their women use to wear it.

Origin and mines of blue moonstone
This magnificent gemstone lies in mineral group of the feldspars. This variety of moonstone knows as ‘adularia’. Main origins for this gem are Sri Lanka, Africa and India mainly. Sri Lankan material is high demanding and comparatively medium in prices. Sri Lankan material comes with good transparency and blue firing. In rough or raw material state of moonstone their quality cannot be judged. Unless roughs do not pass through hands of cutter, it is difficult to see the sheen or firing inside the stone. A gemstone cutter plays an important role in moonstone because he/she can make the stone beautiful by his/her art of cutting. We have more than 18 years experienced gemstone cutters with great skills.

moonstone blue srilanka

Blue Moonstone rounds from Sri Lanka

Round blue moonstone top quality price 6$ per carat

Round blue moonstone top quality

Different cuttings, height in blue moonstone cabochons
Mostly blue moonstone are cut in cabochons because sheen or shimmer well appears in cabochon. We are not only manufacturing normal cabochons in blue moonstone but also manufacturing rose cut, checkerboard, honeycomb cut blue moonstone. As it has been favorite stone of the designers and sometimes buyers ask for special height requirements so we also make high domed (60% plus height) blue moonstone cabochons. Mainly rounds, ovals are used in jewelry but we make in all shapes as per buyers’ requirements.

Normal cabochon 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and all others

Contact us to buy blue moonstone
If you are a reseller, jewelry designer, jewelry company (wholesale buyer) then connect yourself by emailing directly to a manufacturer (us) at info(at)wholesale-cabochons(dot)com , simply write your requirements – sizes, shapes, quality and other details. We will get back to you with in few hours.

Astrology about Blue Moonstone
Blue Moonstone is very oftenly associated with women. As, the magical powers of the stone can reduces the menstrual pain, enhances fertility, makes pregnancy and gives trouble free birth to the child. In Arab countries, there is a long tradition of gifting this stone to the couple to enhance women’s fertility. Moonstone is most compatible with zodiac star Cancer and it is 13th anniversary stone. Good fortune along with predictability of future is common features for those who wear Moonstone. If Moonstone gem is gifted by a lover on a full moon light, then the passion of love will be always there in a relation.  The gem also provides good results to travelers also.




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