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Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons

If you are talking about a gorgeous Moonstone, then it must be Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon. The light and luster it has in it, is incredible.

Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons are one of the most mythical gemstones. It is considered as the birthstones that are used for the month of June. These Cabochons are the most beautiful type of moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone Cabs are found in milky white to grey color with a blue and rainbow sheen that catches the light.

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Calibrated Rainbow Moonstone-
 round rainbow moonstonerainbow moonstone cabochons
Blue/Rainbow Moonstone Quality Chart -
blue moonstone color and quality chart
The Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons are found in several different areas of the world, such as Brazil, India, Germany, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Tanzania and the US. It is used in Zodiac, traditional crystal medicine and many other areas.

The Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons have many mystical properties which offer the wearer or possessor protection and used in healing in many ways. It is believed that the Rainbow Moonstone Cabs bring good fortune, protects women and children and enhance passion.

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Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons Astrology
The most important effect of wearing Rainbow Moonstone is that it calms down one’s behaviour. Moonstone is associated with zodiac sign cancer. Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons helps in maintaining the balance between positive and negative energies. This stone is for that person who usually do not listen their inner voice. Rainbow Moonstone has been suggested to the person suffering with the problems of heart and emotional nature. It is  a 13 th anniversary stone.




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