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Rainbow Moonstone: Origin, Properties, Usage, Cut, Clarity information

Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon, one of the most legendary gemstone is found in milky white to grey color and rainbow sheen that holds the light. This gemstone is a member of the feldspar group that makes up about 60% of the Earth’s crust. As member of this group, is associated with other feldspars like amazonite, orthoclase and amazonite, and can appear similar to chalcedony.

Usually, rainbow moonstones are found in areas that are active in hydrothermal as well as and volcanic activity. However, the rock is available in two types; the first one is the mixture of sodium and calcium, while the other one mainly contains the chemical potassium. The gem often carried along for luck and is found in people’s pockets commonly. In addition, it is a great gift for a beloved one because the stone can help in understanding their feelings as well as balances emotional problems with you and your partner.

Sources of the Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons: Found in many different areas across the world, including Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Germany, Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, India and the US.

The most significant effect of carrying Rainbow Moonstone is that this stone calms down the wearer’s behavior, and is related to zodiac sign cancer. Besides, helps in maintaining the balance between positive and negative energies as well, and is best for those people who usually do not listen to their inner voice. This gemstone has been recommended to the person suffering with heart problems as well as emotional nature. Rainbow Moonstone is a 13th anniversary gemstone.

Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon

Chemical Composition

Na(90 70%), Ca(10 30%), (Al,Si)AlSi2, O8 Sodium Calcium, Aluminum
Crystal System Triclinic Crystal System


6 to 6.5 Hardness


Clear, Iridescent, White

Numerical Vibration

Number 77


Cut & Polished Crystals

Mineral Class




Primary Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Secondary Chakra

Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra



Astrological Sign


Physical Issues and Ailments

Arthritis, Birthing, Headaches, Health and Healing, Infertility, Circulation, Edema, Insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, Pituitary Gland, PMS, Menopause, Menstrual, Muscular, Pancreas, Pregnancy, Stomach, Sting/Bites,

Emotional Issues and Ailments

Anger, Hope, Nurture, Emotional Healing, Centering, Composure, Fear of Dark, Happiness, Harmony, Positive Energy, Emotional Balance,

Spiritual Issues and Ailments

Intuition, Protection, Ancient Wisdom, Energy Work, Enhances Dreams, Healing Increasing Awareness, Higher Realms, Balance Aura, Serving Humanity, Vision Quest, Higher Consciousness and Will

Some Of The Common Usages Of The Rainbow Moonstones:

1. Astrologically, Rainbow Moonstones are considered to be very lucky and useful for those who are born in the month of June.

2. Good-looking gemstone attracts all the females towards it as well they will want it in their jewellery collection.

3. Generally, Moonstone is associated with feminine energy. Therefore, people believe that it can contribute in the treatment of female infertility.

4. Earlier, moonstone was usually used for its healing properties. For example, sailors often carry this stone to the sea for being protected in the sea.

5. Spiritualist properties of Moonstone have enthralled people. Moonstone was used by people engaged in metaphysical activities to boost their psychic ability or to induce a dream.

You can identify rainbow moonstone by its feature adularescence that appears as an internal source of light or sheen. The can be differentiated from orthoclase moonstone by its higher specific gravity and higher refractive index.

Color of Rainbow Moonstone:
Usually, this gem is colorless with a blue or rainbow colored sheen
round rainbow moonstone

Clarity and Luster of Rainbow Moonstone:
Typically, the gemstone is greatly included, particularly in bigger sizes. But, these inclusions are the reason for its beautiful rainbow sheen. When the stone has fewer inclusions, then it has fewer colors. Therefore, a cleaner stone will have a tendency to show a blue sheen, instead of a rainbow-colored sheen.

Cut and Shape of the Rainbow Moonstone:
The stone is typically cut en cabochon to increase its attractive adularescence, and the orientation of the stone’s cut is vital as well as a suitable height will get the preferred sheen. However, colorless stones are faceted and big transparent gems command high prices as they are difficult to find and get.

Treatment of the Rainbow Moonstone:
This stone is not known to be enhanced or treated in any means currently.

Jewellery made with Rainbow moonstone is remarkable because of the strange shimmer that comes into view to emanate from inside the gemstone. The stone is usually used in wire-wrapped jewellery and drilled for bracelets, earrings and pendants. Furthermore, the stone can be mixed with other colored or clear gems for a blend of colors and textures. Buy gemstones by size and not by carat weight. Colored stones vary in size to weight ratio and some are bigger while others are smaller compared to diamonds by weight. In addition, the prices of the gemstones also depend on the size of the stone.

For mental functions, Rainbow Moonstones will help to release tension, stabilize emotions, give a sense of optimism and give strength to survive. It also gives good emotional atmosphere, so shielding from extreme sensitivity. The stone also give energy that able to open yourself emotionally to reduce negativity and boost love creativity. For health functions, the gem will strengthen the pineal gland.

Moonstone is related to the Moon and so is a magnificently helpful gemstone for women. It is a gem for intuition and helps us to connect to all the different life cycles we experience. Always charge your gem by placing it on a shelf or outdoors overnight. You will notice the gem getting more powerful as the moon gets its fullest point, and losing its strength as the moon wanes. Moonstone allows the Crown Chakra to open as well as bring in loving white healing energies that will flow through us to the core of our being.

Rainbow moonstone gemstone is durable, but must be properly cared for to maintain its beautiful appearance. To clean your gem, you need to remove gemstones or any jewellery before cleaning exercising or engaging in physical activities like sports. Keep your stone away from other stones to avoid scratches.