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Onyx or Agate Cabs

Onyx cabochons information, prices, color, qualities, stock and availblity -

The name derives from Greek word ‘onyx’ which tends for claw or nail. Since times of Greeks all black to brown and white colors of chalcedony has called onyx and later all colors were classified into different categories. “BLACK” is always evergreen color in jewelry. “Black and white, always right”. When you think of black onyx then words that come in your head are opaque, chalcedony, cheap and evergreen. Black onyx is one type of banded chalcedony; bands come in white red color so you can basically call it “Natural Chalcedony” because it comes under same category. Brazil, India, Uruguay and China are biggest sources of raw material of this gem.

Onyx is formed of bands of chalcedony in alternating colors. It is cryptocrystalline, consisting of fine inter growths of the silica minerals quartz and moganite. Its bands are parallel to one another, as opposed to the more chaotic banding that often occurs in agates. It  is used in pendants, cocktail earrings, background texture in both faceted and smooths (cabochon) style. Black onyx beads are very popular as well and used worldwide because as price point of view it is very affordable. Chemical formula is sio2, 7 hardness on Mohs scale with hexagonal crystal system with 1.54-1.55 refractive index. Carvings, statues are also made apart from cabochons and beads.

Wholesale manufacturing and supply of black, Red and Green onyx cabs
We have been manufacturing all onyx cabochons in all free sizes and calibration (2mm to 25mm plus) in all shapes. Black onyx is consistently used stone in jewelry all around the world, this stone is one the stones which is not country specified and used in every country. There are no special quality factors to choose the best black onyx cabochons. Simply well polished, dark black with no transparency (completely opaque) is top quality.  We also supply matt finished in this stone, matt finishing is very popular in black onyx.

If we talk about other color of onyx like Red, Green etc. then it comes from light to dark color, for example red onyx comes in orange to dark red so color choice depends on customer requirements. All onyx gems are opaque gemstones so it’s very easy to choose the best quality that is based on color. Rose cut, checker board cut are also very popular same like smooth cabs. Rhodochrosite is also one type of onyx which comes with pink-red color with white and other mix colors bands/lines.

Black color is the hottest in all color of onyx and nice luster and shine attract the designers to use this stone in their jewelry and second reason is color contrast against white. When we talk about resemblance then black tourmaline and black diamond come close to this stone. Jet also come black same like this stone but only difference of metallic luster is found in jate. Mostly it is used in silver jewelry because of cheaper prices. You can use this stone on daily basis and don’t need any special care; it has good hardness, stable color and cheap prices. Warm water can be used to clean this stone.

Stock availability of Black, Red and Green Onyx cabochons -
We can manufacture any quantities in black onyx cabochons because we have a large amount of raw material in stock and completing orders consistently in different sizes and shapes. We have black onyx cabochons in stock and also making on orders as well. Our manufacturing is producing all micro to big sizes. Popular shapes are round and oval and we produce in other shapes as well. We make both low dome and high dome cabs as per customers’ requirements.

All are available at wholesale quantities – 2 mm small round cabochon black onyx, 3 mm small rounds, 4 mm rounds, 5 mm cabochons at wholesale, 6 mm ring sized cabochons in all smooth, rose cut, checker board cut and uneven cut cabs, not regular size 7 mm, 8 mm most common size in cabs, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm and 12mm plus. We can make any sizes on order, even customized sizes as well.

Oval Black onyx cabochons – 5×3 Ovals, 6×4, 7×5, 8×6, 9×7, 10 x8, 11×9, 12×8 & 12×10 and other sizes as well. Any other sizes also can manufacture on orders.

Other shapes: Trillions, Baguette, Octagons, Cushions, Pear shapes and Fancy etc

Different cut in cabochons

Cabochons Rose, checkerboard, uneven, plain cabs

Astrology – This gem helps you to increase your productivity and enhance concentration in work. It helps you to overcome your addiction of drinking, smoking and refine your life. It brings self control, strength and stamina. If you are using for astrological purpose then ring of this stone should be worn in little finger of left hand.

Price over view of onyx cabochons
Price graph of onyx cabs are different from other stones, big sizes are cheaper and small sizes are higher in this because of labor charges. Labor cost drives the prices in this. Generally it starts with 0.25-0.35$ per carat and goes high based on requirements. It is used in pendant, earrings, rings and bracelet also. We keep stock of raw material in all colors and cut on order when customers ask us for. You can simply send your wholesale or retail inquiry and we will get back to you with in few hours. If you have order of custom jewelry onyx stone then we can also produce that in large quantities.

Black Onyx Cabochons




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan