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Turquoise Cabochons

 We are among one of the largest manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of a very beautiful semi precious gemstone – Turquoise Cabochon. You can have Turquoise Cabochon in almost all possible shapes and sizes. We keep raw material of turquoise available in our inventory and make cabochons by using that. If you want to buy Turquoise […]

Wholesale Cabochons

 Get 40% lower prices from market price when buying cabochons from us Wholesale Cabochons are available at our store at reasonable wholesale prices. We are the wholesale supplier and manufacturer of Wholesale Cabochons. Wholesale Cabochons are our specialty. We export them directly from the place where they are mined mainly and glaze them for our […]

Vintage Cabochon

You are welcome at our store to buy different varieties of Cabochons at wholesale prices. We deal in all precious and semi precious Cabochon and Vintage Cabochon as well. If you visit our website for Vintage Cabochon, we are sure that you will enjoy our vast collection of Cabochons. We directly import these cabochons from […]

Aquamarine Cabochon

Loose low, medium and top quality aquamarine cabochons- available for different range We are the wholesale supplier of Aquamarine Cabochon because we are the manufacturer of this type of Cabochon. We are the one who can assure you about the quality and purity at wholesale prices. We have our own manufacturing units in Thailand and […]

Blue Sapphire cabochons and rose cut slices

 Cabochon Sapphire is one of the most beautiful precious gemstone among all blue gemstones. We are one of the biggest wholesale suppliers and manufactures of Cabochon Sapphire. Cabochon is the shape in which the top is convex and bottom is flat. Cabochon is made of the gemstone which is darker in color and has some […]

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Cabochon Wholesale

You need stones for reselling? for Jewelry designs? We are renowned brand for manufacturing and exporting best quality precious & semi precious Cabochon Wholesale in different sizes and shapes. We have different shapes of Cabochon Wholesale like smooth polish gemstones, uncut chips, tube, oval, tear, pear, drop, ellipse, cushion, marquise, heart, emerald cut, roundels, round, […]

Agate Cabochons

Supplying green, blue, white and black agate gemstone cabochons Agate Cabochons are the specialty of our company and we are the one of the biggest manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Agate Cabochon. Agate Cabochon is available in a variety of colors and this is the reason why it is called the earth rainbow. This is […]

what are cabochons

Definition of cabochons and pictures of different style cabs – Cabochon is the form of a gemstone which is convex from the top and flat from the bottom. Cabochon is available at our store at wholesale prices. Cabochon is made from the gemstone which is darker in color and generally translucent or opaque. Cabochons are […]

Emerald Cabochon

We are one of the biggest manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Emerald Cabochon at wholesale prices. If you want to buy Emerald Cabochon in wholesale then you can contact us. We are the manufacturer of Emerald Cabochon in our own manufacturing units in Thailand and India. At our store, you will get the assurity of […]

An overview on moonstone cabochons

Are you Cabochons Fanatic? Moonstone is a fascinating gemstone that is famous from ancient time. It is known due to mystery and stories behind it. From time of Romans this natural colorless Gemstone with Reflection of Blue, Grey, and Orange and Off white is famous. Why it is named Moonstone? This stone is blessed by […]




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan