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4mm round cabochons and rose cut

We have been manufacturing 4mm round cabs from opaque to transparent, semi precious to precious in our factory. We deal in natural gemstones only and sourcing raw material from Africa, Tanzania, Brazil, Madagascar, Arizona, Sri Lanka and many other countries. Every piece manufactured by us, undergoes a strict process of manufacturing in which we take […]

Pink and Blue Sapphire Cabochons from Ceylon

Wholesale-cabochons.com is supplying pink, blue, white sapphire cabochons at wholesale prices. We mainly deal in blue and pink sapphire cabochons. Our main source for different quality blue sapphire rough is Africa, India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and we cut this rough in our factory situated in Thailand. We have factories in India and Thailand to […]

Moonstone Cabochon

 Moonstone Cabochon is not quite expensive and easily available in the market. If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of this then your search will end here. You can write us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com about your requirements. Buying Moonstone Cabochon of high quality is not an easy task because this exports directly from Australia, Mexico, […]

All Blue Cabochons gemstones

Blue is color of youth, don’t you think so? Blue gemstones jewelry is everywhere from beach parties to red carpet ceremonies. When we talk about availablities of blue color stones in gemstone industry then here comes the names – Blue Sapphire – Blue Sapphire comes from Sri Lanka, Africa, Burma, Kashmir and from many other […]

Different labradorescence of Labradorite Cabochons

Different colors can be seen in labradorite cabochon and this is a result of striking light basically base color of labradorite is greyish-black. Some labradorite gives more bluish appearance, some give more rainbow labradorite appearance. It is said that presence of small limenite, rutile cause the diffraction of light. What are the differences between Labradorite […]

Drusy Cabochons in all more than 20 colors

You will find all information about wholesale natural drusy cabochons in this article, we have covered following information in this – 1. Our manufacturing for drusy 2. Our color chart for drusy quartz 3. Drusy with drill 4. Window drusy and flat drusy 5. Natural geodes uneven shape drusy (at the bottom) Natural sparkling beauty, […]

Natural Smoky, Crystal, Amethyst, Citrine and other Quartz Cabochons

Wholesale supply of 1.5mm to 25mm plus cabochons in flat back, rose cut and other cuttings – Quartz Cabochon is the specialty of our manufacturing. You can find various types and designs of Quartz Cabochon in affordable prices and can surely get a trustworthy deal. Amethyst, Citrine and Drusy also come in quartz family along […]

Buy Emerald cabochons in A, AA and AAA quality

Low, Medium and high quality Emerald cabochons at wholesale prices – Emerald cabochons have always been priority of jewelry designers. Jewelry companies have been using not only size but also small size cabs. Sometimes they face the height problem when using micro sizes but we solve their problems by providing high dome cabs in 2mm, […]

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Wire Wrapped Cabochons for jewelry big size

Big size or wire wrapping cabochons for wholesale in all color stones natural – For making truthful dealership of Wired Wrapped Cabochon, we are well known website where you can find various range of Wired Wrapped Cabochon in reasonable price. It is flat on one side and domed or round in shape on other side. […]

Calibrated Cabochons supplier in all semi precious and precious stones

Calibrated Cabs manufacturer and supplier in all semi precious and precious cabs (flat back, normal, rose cut and checkerboard) We are Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporter of Calibrated Cabochons. Some people also refer calibrated as mm size or fix size gemstones. Basically calibrated cabs or gemstones are used in pre made settings of rings, earrings, pendant […]




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan