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Free shape and free size semi precious cabochons

Free or big size cabochons are widely used all around the world in rings, pendants and bracelets. Small to big designers are making jewelry using free size and free shape cabochons. Our price for free size stones starts from 150 usd per kg and goes up to 1000 usd per kg depending on gemstone. We […]

Moonstone - Wonder of colors

Moonstone, an extremely well-known gemstone comes in a great range of colors and varieties. It is a much unexplained stone with lots of myths and sayings. The stone has a different standing in different parts of the world. For example, in India moonstone believed a symbol of dedication and love as well as popular as […]

Golden And Black Rutile cabochons Stones: Rare And Stunning Gems

Rutile name derived after Latin “rutilas” and golden and black are common colors. Golden-colored Rutile characteristically happens in a slender acicular form. The tiny needles of Rutile originated in gemstones cause a visual occurrence known as asterism. In addition, asteriated stones are known as “star” gems like Star sapphire and Star rubies. Rutile has a […]

Add Value To Your Gemstone Collections With Amethyst

Amethyst, a variety of quartz or silicon dioxide contains additional iron oxide compared to any other quartz. The name “Amethyst” comes from the Greek words “Methustos” that means not intoxicated. It is popular as the Bishop’s Stone and worn by Catholic Bishops even today. The ancient Greeks believed amethyst to be an extremely strong antidote […]

Aquamarine: A Unique And Attractive Gemstone With Great Properties

The name “Aquamarine” comes from Latin, which meant ‘Seawater”, and is a member of the beryl group family. Aquamarine and emerald are beryllium aluminum silicates. There are quite some different gemstone quality varieties of beryl, and most of them are classified based on color and coloring agents, like green emerald. Milky aquamarine is a naturally […]

Lapis Lazuli: Origin/Sources, Quality, Chemical & Physical properties and 4 C's

Lapis Lazuli, a symbol of luck, prosperity and success is a mineral of dark-blue color and providing an impression of numerous stars shining in the dark blue sky. It is bright and luminous under the sunlight, but will turn out to be dark or gloomy under artificial lighting or candlelight. Lapis is not just a […]

Rainbow Moonstone: Origin, Properties, Usage, Cut, Clarity information

Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon, one of the most legendary gemstone is found in milky white to grey color and rainbow sheen that holds the light. This gemstone is a member of the feldspar group that makes up about 60% of the Earth’s crust. As member of this group, is associated with other feldspars like amazonite, orthoclase […]

Rose Quartz Gemstone: Enhances Health, Romance, Love Relationships

Rose Quartz precious stone is a quartz crystal that gets its name from its pretty rose pink color. The crystal comes in a wide range of attractive shades of pink, and is a gem that characterizes the vibration of love. That is why Rose Quartz stone is representative of the energy of love, calming energy […]

How Turquoise Gemstone Cabochons enhance the beauty of jewelry?

The name “Turquoise” derived from the French word “Turkish”, and named because it was once thought that it came from Turkey. The turquoise gemstone is a symbol of wealth and joy of life as well as is just perfect as a gift for conveying best wishes. It completely influences the resolution of conflicts, motivates courage, […]

6mm Round Gemstone Cabochon

Supply of natural 6mm round gemstone cabochon wholesale quantities This page is about 6mm rounds cabochons supply in all semi precious and precious gems. This size is used in rings, ear studs, pendant and other jewelry pieces. Here are some terms to define this size – * Produced in large quantities – This size is […]




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