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Add Value To Your Gemstone Collections With Amethyst

Amethyst, a variety of quartz or silicon dioxide contains additional iron oxide compared to any other quartz. The name “Amethyst” comes from the Greek words “Methustos” that means not intoxicated. It is popular as the Bishop’s Stone and worn by Catholic Bishops even today. The ancient Greeks believed amethyst to be an extremely strong antidote to inebriation and usually created wine goblets out of it. In addition, the color of this stone appears because of the irradiation that causes the iron particles to reorganize themselves in the gemstone lattice. If the amethyst stone is exposed to sunlight directly, then its color fades away. The gem forms attractive and unique geodes and clusters. Amethyst stone is a symbol of sincerity, purity and spiritual understanding.
african amethyst cabochons 5mm

Chemical Formula




Crystal System




Refractive Index

1.54 – 1.55


Transparent to translucent


2.63 – 2.65



Double Refraction

. 009



Mineral Class








Vibration Number


Astrological Zodiac Sign

Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius or Capricorn


Brazil, Russia, Siberia, Sri Lanka, Canada, East Africa, India, Uruguay, United States, Britain, Mexico,

Quality Factors Of Amethyst:
This stone has been the most expensive quartz variety for decades. At present, amethyst is used in making jewelry and custom designed pieces that create this gemstone one of the most popular colored stones across the globe and the most important gem-quality quartz variety due to its availability and affordability. So, you can find this stone most of the countries and can buy at a reasonable price.

Color of the Stone:
The color of the amethyst is a strong purple or reddish purple. Sellers prefer strongly soaked reddish purple to dark purple, only if the gem is not so dark that it minimizes brightness. This gem might look black under dim lighting conditions if the color of the stone is too dark. Buyers of the amethysts outlook color zoning by keeping the gems against a white background.

Clarity of the Stone:
Most of the faceted amethyst gemstones, which are available in the market today, are eye-clean, meaning they lack eye-visible enclosures. African material can be an extremely drenched raspberry color and this tends to have more inclusions compared Brazilian material. In addition, this stone suitable in a faceted stone by reason of its amazing color.

Cut of the Stone:
The stone can cut into various standard shapes with cutting styles, which include ovals, pear shapes, emerald cuts, rounds, marquises, cushions, triangular shapes, and many more. In addition, facet patterns such as the classic triangular and kite-shaped facet arrangements known as brilliant cuts, rows of concentric parallel facets known as step cuts and mixed cuts that unite both facet arrangements. In addition, amethyst is an extremely popular gem for cutting into many different freeform shapes as well.

Carat Weight of the Stone:
The gem is available in various sizes for setting into different jewelry styles or designs. In addition, the stone is popular as a big center gemstone as the price per carat does not go up considerably with bigger size. Amethyst is commonly found in calibrated cuts as well, which means they can be cut precisely to standard sizes.

Amethyst is the most precious form of quartz (the most common mineral on earth). Amethyst gemstones are found worldwide as well as are and are easily gettable, and hence the prices of the gems are not expensive. However, the quality of the stone can be different by its locality. Suppose, African amethyst is small, but holds a high saturation in color, and the country Australia is also a great place for dark and highly saturated amethyst stones. The stones found in huge quantities in Brazil as well. Remember, no matter what the stone’s form, the properties of the gem remain the same.

Amethyst is known as the “The Gem of Spirituality and Happiness.” And is a very powerful stone with an extremely high spiritual vibration. The stone has strong healing as well as cleansing powers and can boost spiritual awareness. In addition, the stone is reputed to be helpful when facing with legal problems or money issues and can cause abundance and prosperity. It can be used during meditation to get access to higher levels of awareness as well as a protective gemstone that is able to blocking and transforming negative influences. It balances the mental, emotional or physical bodies plus can clear the aura as well as stabilize and change any dysfunctional energy present within your body. It boosts intuition, creativity and eases visualization with lucid dreaming Amethyst brings peace, calm, balance, courage, inner strength and energies of stability, and has been used to protect against psychic attack.

In Indian astrology, this gem sometime is recommended as a alternate stone of “Blue Sapphire” to minimize the bad effects of the malefic position of Saturn in the horoscope of a native. As per its color, it represents two major Chakras of our spiritual body, “Third-Eye Chakra” and “The Crown Chakra”. The gemstone boosts the divine properties of these two Chakras helping in its wearer to rise with more of spirituality. People who born with the sign, Capricorns, Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini must wear this stone. Keep a tumblestone or other piece of this stone in your pocket as it is an easy way is help yourself if you have any problem. Amethyst is the conventional stone for the 4th, 6th and 7th, wedding anniversaries as well as it is used as faceted gemstones that can be cut into various shapes and sizes. Amethysts are used in necklaces, earrings, brooches or pendants and used other items, including watches, key rings and hair accessories.

You can wear this stone with any of the gem to help you to beat addictions. Make sure that those crystals that you wear everyday should be regularly cleansed. Remember, quartz gemstones may be cleaned easily, but if cleansing other varieties of crystals you must use one of the other ways of cleansing your stone.