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Multi Agate Cabochons

Multi Agate
Agate is known for its centering,  balancing and grounding properties and its ability to improve mental concentration with perception as well as to raise one’s consciousness. According to Feng Shui, “Green is a benevolent and humanistic color”  This color affects us even when we don’t know it like all color. The spiritual power of green in this gem is said to combine with the natural benefits attributed to Agate.

Types of Multi -Agate

Blue Banded Agate
It is for the throat chakra and its color is light blue as well as this color stone promotes creative analysis and problem solving. Besides, Banded Agate promotes creative expression of all types for decorating and acting, and it also enhances the ability to make a sacred space.

Green Agate
It is said that Green Agate matches to someone who is  generous, compassionate and has good fortune and a keen sense of justice. Green Agate is claimed to encourage those attributes in others while worn, and the yellow  color  is thought to encourage growth and maturity.

Black Agate
Colour is black and brown, and this color stone connects the spirit and physical planes together in order to grounds you in reality. It stabilises and grounds and connects the heavenly chi force with the earthly chi force as well as brings spiritual level energy into your complete hara line. Also, it balances earth and the sky and  brings spiritual awareness into action. Black Agate stabilises and grounds while promoting awareness, aids to clear emotional pain, and is ideal for centring  and focusing. It eases nausea, cramps and  indigestion.

White Agate
This color agate is said to help the wearer or user to increase their inner vision and introspection. It is associated with spiritual inspiration as well as overcoming negative emotion and is claimed to attract good fortune by removing bad luck. Its color is said to aid in increased clarity, concentration and promote good will. Besides, it helps one to overcome the flaws, loneliness and fears. White Agate, specially is credited by some to be a powerful healing stone, and is said to be beneficial for bone and marrow allergies.

Natural Agate is used to describe an Agate in its natural form that is brown to reddish brown , orange, tan, white, grey or any combination of these colors. In addition, natural Agate is said to foster love, provide abundance, create an appreciation of nature and soothe emotions.

Information about multi agate cabochons
multi agate




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