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Moonstone cabochons

Blue, Rainbow White, Orange, Grey, Off-white Moonstone Cabochons

You are at the right place to fulfill your requirements of Moonstone cabochons. Moonstone prices in all colors, are the same, choose your favorite:

1) White, Orange, Grey, Off-white, Pale yellow
White, Peach, Orange, Brown  and other colors Moonstone

2) Blue and Rainbow Moonstone from Srilanka and India

Introduction on moonstone
Moonstone is one of natural stones which comes in different colors; blue, orange, brown, grey, white and many colors as well. It is translucent to opaque stone except its blue color. It shows different sheen under different lights. Moonstone deposit is found all over the world, as described above that it comes in different colors so basically different colors are found in different continents. India and Sri Lanka has the deposit of blue moonstone mainly and Australia, Burma, Norway, Brazil have deposit in other colors.
Moonstone mineral group
Moonstone belongs to feldspar mineral group, which can be further divided into two; potassium feldspar and plagioclase feldspar. Sometimes Blue or rainbow moonstone which comes from Sri Lanka and India also counted in potassium feldspar but actually it is plagioclase feldspar.

 yellow moonstone grey moonstone orange, brown moonstone
Orange, brown, yellow, pink, white, grey, blue, rainbow all colors available

Please mention in the email: Your Name, Company Name, and Size of Moonstone Cabochons, and very important is the quantity. Our minimum order is a total of 200$, below this it wont be worth the shipping, and time, as we are a Wholesale supplier of Cabochons.

Wholesale-Cabochons.com answers all the requirements you may have in Moonstone Cabochons, we have all sizes and shapes available straight from our own Thailand Manufacturing. We only deal in Deep pleasing quality of Moonstone, clean Moonstone cabochons.

Please contact us ASAP for any inquiry or order for Moonstone Cabochons at Wholesale.

Blue/Rainbow Moonstone

blue moonstone color and quality chart
Quality factors of moonstone
When we talk about orange, grey, brown, white and other colors except blue then quality depends on polishing, luster, chatoyancy, color saturation and color symmetry. All other colors except blue are mainly opaque so inclusions do not play any role in quality factor.

Stock and supply of moonstone
In Moonstone mainly cabochons are used by designers because it looks fascinating in cabs form. We are manufacturing nice polished moonstone cabochons in all sizes like 2mm to 25mm plus in all shapes. Hot sizes are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm in ovals and rounds but we also manufacture other shapes as well according to buyers’ requirements.

We noticed a sudden change in requirements of our buyers, now they are using micro size like 2mm, 2.5mm cabochons in their designs and by seeing this we have increased our production of smaller sizes as well. When it comes to color then gemstones-cabochons(dot)com is producing all colors and you will find availability of every color all the times. For customers who have readymade moulds, we manufacture and adjust height according their requirements because sometimes they ask for low dome (30-40% height) or high dome (60-70% height). Our factories are situated in Chantaburi, Thailand and Jaipur, India for all semi precious and precious cabochons. Sometimes we shift Thailand labors to India and Indian labors to Thailand, to share their skills with each other. We have 3 translators to help them in communication with each other. All these things stand us out from other gemstone cabochons manufacturers and suppliers.

Astrology behind Moonstone
Moonstone is called the stone of goddess Diana. When we talk about astrology then it balance the emotions and helps you to take a right decision when your heart and mind conflict. It release negaitivity around you and generate positivity and increase your productivity in work and regular life and in the end it helps you to increase your business and job.

Why Moonstone is called “Gemsotne of Florida”
in July 20, 1939 astronauts from the United States landed on moon and later in 1970, Moonstone was declared the gemstone of Florida.




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan