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Moonstone – Wonder of colors

Moonstone, an extremely well-known gemstone comes in a great range of colors and varieties. It is a much unexplained stone with lots of myths and sayings. The stone has a different standing in different parts of the world. For example, in India moonstone believed a symbol of dedication and love as well as popular as “a dream gemstone”. However, early Roman considered it’s a trickle of moonlight while it is considered the jewel of luck in Asia. In addition, many Arab women who brought this gemstone will often sow it in their clothes, so they cannot be seen by people. It is a stone of the moon and during full-moon, the gem is extremely effective for integration of love, and comes in many colors such as white, grey or subtle yellow, but the most popular color is blue. However, rainbow moonstones are colored with a blue shade as well as a rainbow like range of colors.

moonstone blue srilanka

Blue Moonstone rounds from Sri Lanka

The blue of the stone has a special meaning, particularly in our daily lives as the blue color stone symbolizing the sea and sky, which means sincerity, inspiration and truth. There are plenty of people who provide this amazing blue stone as an engagement gift to their beloved one. Different colors, hues and tints of blue have different meanings. For instance, dark blue can be seen as prosperous, innovative, sophisticated and old-fashioned, while blue can symbolize brilliance.

Sources Of Moonstone:
There are two moonstones, Adularia moonstone and Albite moonstone. The first one is an almost transparent pale gray or blue shimmer or silvery white. This stone is mostly found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Burma and India. On the other side, Albite moonstone is in the feldspar group and is semitransparent. The stone may be a little dull and mainly comes from Canada.

Chemical Formula Plagioclase Feldspars: (Na,Ca)Al1-2Si3-2O8Orthoclase Feldspar: KAlSi3O8
Hardness 6 – 6.5
Refractive Index 1.518 – 1.526
SG 2.56 – 2.62
Color White, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Gray, Colorless, Blue, Brown, Pink,
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Double Refraction -.0005
Mineral Class Orthoclase, Oligoclase, or other members of the feldspar group
Cleavage 2,1 – basal ; 2,1 – prismatic ; 3,1 – pinacoidal
Luster Pearly

When anyone is selecting a moonstone, he or she must look for three important elements that are Body Color, Sheen Color and Orientation of Sheen. Body color must be almost colorless as well as free from yellowish, brownish and unattractive green tints. However, the sheen must be centered on the top of a gem and can be seen easily from a great range of viewing angles. Adolescence ought to preferably be blue. The market demand for those moonstones that is strong at present

Moonstone is a soft gem, hardness falls between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale that makes the gem a great stone for cutting into ornamental jewelry elements. The stone has two cleavage directions, an attribute it shares with the other elements of the feldspar. The stone’s cleavage can affect its durability, so usually manufacturers set stone in earrings, pendants and pins instead of in rings because they can get knocks and bumps easily. A fine moonstone must be nearly transparent as well as free of inclusions as possible. If the stone is cut as a cabochon, then the dimensions ought to consistent.

We know that jewelry has become so popular among women and girls of all ages. Blue moonstone jewelry is worn by women across the world. Whether it is a necklace, pendant, bracelet, ring or a pair of earrings, blue moonstone will mix together wonderfully with any type of skin and tone. The bluish rainbow glow of this gem is unique compared to other gems as well as it is also captivating since as the wearer moves, the stone’s rainbow glow alters in intensity. Rainbow moonstones with blue color are in high demand today, consequently they are becoming rarer in market, specifically bigger size gemstones. Remember, buying blue moonstone made jewelry is a wise investment.

One thing that matters a lot is the quality of the gemstone, particularly when it comes to pricing. As blue stone available in different varieties, so it is not easy to recognize the quality. Remember, the more intense colored stone, the larger and more transparent the stone that means the more valuable the gemstone. Blue gemstone is a great quality game that displays an incredible three-dimensional intensity of color, which you can see only when leaning the gem. Brighter colored moonstones are inexpensive.

Healing Properties of Blue gemstones:
The healing properties of blue stones are boost calmness and used to tranquil ragged feel as well as are familiar to provide soothing to people who may have bad dreams or who have sleeplessness. However, the shade blue has advantageous influences the entire body, particularly around the brain. As being the shade of the natural world, blue moonstone creates leisure and will force of its wearer’s body to produce toxins, which are reassuring and originate inner thoughts of peace. Blue helps to slower the metabolic process of the wearer, helping with self-expression and stability. Usually, it is a hunger controller as well.

Taking Care of Your Blue Moonstones:
Blue moonstone is a quite soft and brittle stone, and can cut in cabochons, which increases its wearability. Some of the tips t0 ensure your gemstone as long as possible are stated below.

1. Keep your gemstone way from other stones as it can be scratched by them. On the other side, the blue moonstone itself can scratch other stones such as turquoise and lapis lazuli.

2. Ensure that you dry your stone after wearing it in the rain or cleaning it. For cleaning, you can use a soft cloth.

3. Cleaning the stone must be done with warm water with a mild soap. If water and soap is not enough, then owners can use a mild diluted detergent as well.

4. Detergent that contains acids or bleach should not be used as they can damage the gem and the jewelry.
Because of its medium hardness, holders or owners of the must be careful about scratches, which can dull your moonstone quickly and forcing you to get it polished again.