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Mookaite Cabochons

What is Mookaite
Mookaite, an Australian Jasper is only found in one area of the world that is Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia.  It is a variety of Chalcedony (a microcrystalline variety of Quartz). Mookaite  is found in outcroppings near Mooka Creek, where it gets its name.  Mookaite jasper is found in plenty of colors, including reds, yellows, tans, mauves, white and many other hues, and surprisingly these are the colors most often used in ancient Aboriginal paintings made by indigenous Australian people. Seldom, Mookaite jasper will contain black dendrites, which are highly expensive.

The name “Mooka” is an Australian word meaning “Running Water” and refers to the many springs that feed into Mooka Creek. Although, this jasper is spelled lots of different ways, such as market, market, market, and so on, the correct spelling is advised “Mookaite” after Mooka Creek.

Chakras: Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Base Chakra

Mookaite Uses and Quality judgement – You will get an idea about how to judge quality of Mookaite after checking this image –
mookaite cabochons
Zodiac Affinity

It has a particular relationship with Taurus and Aries and the Energy of the stone is Projective, Element is Earth and its Planet is Mars. The market is a good gemstone for for numerous professions, particularly for those people who are requiring creative thinking.

Emotionally, Mentally And Physically
Mookaite brings a deep inner calm and at the same time, the desire for adventure. Besides, the stone helps us realize the possibility that meditation can be possible during any activity. On the other side, Mookaite lets us to be flexible, mobile and can help us in identifying many possibilities simultaneously, but still be able to select the most suitable solution without a difficulty in doing so. Apart from this, this stone stabilizes health and aids in fortifying the immune system as well as assisting to stimulate the purification of the blood in the spleen and liver. Mookaite is good for
encouraging wounds to heal.

Why You Should Use It
If you are facing problems in making decisions, then this is a great stone to use / wear. Just having a piece within your auric field will surely help you to easily  get the right decision. Mookaite helps you to find out what to do, in order that you are sure of the right direction to take in  respect to your present-day circumstances.  The stone also helps you when you would like some advice or suggestions about an issue that you have trouble deciding about, especially when your decision is related to taking your life in a new direction.




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