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London Blue Cabs

know everything you need to know about London Blue Topaz Cabochons

Introduction on London Blue Topaz Cabochons-
When it comes to blue color then London Blue Topaz is one the finest gemstone with good hardness and vivid color, another alternates for blue stones are Tanzanite, Blue Sapphire and spinel which are very high in prices. It has become one of the top selling gems in fair prices. It comes in different tones from light tone to vivid grayish blue tone. “Inky” color (More saturated) leads to high in prices.

How is London blue topaz cabochons manufactured?
All blue topaz available in market are irradiated, there is no availability of natural London blue topaz. This process starts with natural white topaz rough which is found in Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and other part of Asia, naturally mined white topaz comes in brownish white color then it goes under irradiation process. Naturally few pieces of white topaz come blue but very pale in color. London blue is a result of bombardment of neutrons and electron (Gamma radiation) in a nuclear reactor followed by heating and cooling for years and years and changes color centers. It comes in market after going through various testing stages and every stone which comes in market is kept in storage for months before the radioactivity decays to safety level.

In 2007 July the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of America passed a rule to import Blue topaz in America and this rule broke the market of blue topaz in the united starts and many chains like wall mart and others removed this stones from their stores because people stopped buying this stone, afterwards after 3-4 months NRC tested few batches of this stone themselves and found no health risk and later they issued a “Face sheet” to make people believe that this stone is completely safe to wear. We have licensee provided by NRC and our every stone is safe to wear and not have any residual radioactive element and we ensure for that. Please read more facts on NRC website – http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/fact-sheets/irradiated-gemstones.html

london blue topaz cabochons
wholesale-cabochons(dot)com is supplying different sizes of cabochons in smooth, rose, checker and different cuttings -
We have been manufacturing all different sizes and shapes of London blue topaz cabochons in normal smooth to different cuttings. We have medium blue to inky blue color and supply as per customer requirement. Some customers, who use this stone in rings and pendants, want to get high dome cabochons so we manufacture special higher than normal height for them.

There are only a few companies left who are supplying London blue topaz cabochons because not any big manufacturer wants to invest in this stone. It takes 2-3 years to turn into white topaz to London blue topaz and it’s difficult to anticipate the market prior three years so a few only good companies left that has been producing London blue topaz and all others are resellers. Our customers are associated with us for a long time from all around the world. Huge demand and low supply, has increased the prices of this stone.

London blue topaz cabochons are everywhere
You can wear this stone every time from daily use, office presentation to night parties because of its elegant color and look. This is the darkest shade of blue topaz and suits on every outfit. Nanny has a presentation in morning and after that she has a night party on her friend’s house so this stone will be best to wear for this because it is formal as well as sophisticated. It looks magnificent with every metal (White gold, silver and yellow gold) this is specialty of this stone.

Contact us for London blue topaz – You are looking for rounds, ovals, square, fancy shapes, cushions in London blue topaz in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm or big size then simply drop us an inquiry and we will be right back with prices and more pictures. Please mention the sizes and shapes you are looking so it will convenient for us to quote the prices to you.
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we also have Rounds, Trillions, Hearts, Ovals, Pears and other shapes, please email us or contact us through contact us form. Wholesale-cabochons(dot)com specializes in Topaz cabochons, not everyone has stock for these but we do. We stock all the different shapes and sizes, which may be your requirement, in wholesale quantities.

Blue Topaz cabochons color chart -
swiss, sky and london blue topaz

London blue topaz cabochons Astrology
London Blue Topaz is one of the deepest and darkest colors of Blue Topaz. The color blue of the stone symbolizes calmness and peace. These cabochons are the stone of eternal love and romance. If a lover gifts her beloved a London Blue Topaz Cabochons Ring, then it is a sign of a committed romantic relationship. Persons aspiring to become effective communicators are often being recommended to wear London Blue Topaz. This stone enhances one’s ability of giving speeches and expressing the emotions. Blue Topaz is a December month birth stone and it is a gemstone for 4th and 19th marriage anniversaries. Wearer of the stone will also have good eye-sight.

If you are interested in reading a great piece of Information about Blue topaz, then you may check it out. This page describes about the Birthstone Topaz, Its Meaning and more information like color charts and so on. Its for those who are looking for general information, not wholesale information.




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

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