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Larimar cabochons

Information, history and origin of Wholesale Larimar Cabochons
Larimar or Stefilia’s stone is one of favorite stone of many jewelry designers. Color of this stone which comes under mineral Pectolite, varies from white, light green light blue, green-blue and deep blue color. Pectolite mineral is found at many locations in the world but Larimar is only found in Dominican Republic. Larimar is combination of calcite, hematite and other minerals. Blue color is due to calcium being replaced by cooper impurities.

Past of Larimar is based on many different founders. It started in 1916 in Dominican Republic when Faither Miguel Domingo Loren found it. Later after many years (almost 58 years later) Miguel mendez rediscovered it and named this stone after the name of his daughter ‘Larissa’. It is quite rare to find this stone anywhere else.

Why Larimar is cut in cabochon cut mostly?
Larimar is acid silicate hydrate that is made of sodium and calcium mineral. It comes in pectolite mineral which is grey but cooper makes the color blue of this stone. Hardness of this stone is 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale this is one the main reason behind making cabochons mostly of this stone. When it is cut and polished then nice blue color comes out.

Are you going to Larimar then here the points to notice?
Color of Larimar – Larimar’s color ranges from very light green, light blue, greenish blue to medium sky blue like turquoise color. It shows the white circular patterns.
Quality grading is based on color. Starting from white, which is lowest quality and goes up to deeper blue, which is highest quality. In medium range it comes in greenish blue, light blue and other colors.

larimar cabs Larimar cabochon

Clarity and quality – As stated above, color is the most important factor to measure the quality. When it comes to translucency then it comes opaque to slight translucent with nice silky appearance. Some good quality larimar stones also shows chatoyancy effect.
Beware of dyed Larimar sellers – Many fake supplier treat the larimar by dying so you should always take of this process.

Chemical Formula of Larimar:     NaCa2Si3O8(OH)
Color varies:     White, blue, green-blue
Hardness:     4.5 to 6 on mohs scale
Refractive Index:  1.59 to 1.65
Transparency level:     Translucent to opaque with silky luster

Larimar Jewelry market -
Mostly Dominican republic designers were using this stone in start but later on it got famous and designers from all around the world are using this stone in theirs jewelries. People are making pendants, earrings, rings to bangles of this stone.

How we differentiate us from other Larimar suppliers?
We have direct connections with rough suppliers in Dominican republic and we buy the rough at reasonable prices that ultimately gives benefits to our buyers. We have all different range starting from light color to vivid color. Generally Larimar starts from 0.90 usd per gram for free sizes and goes up depending on color. We cut Larimar in all shapes (pear, oval, round, cushion, trillion and others). Many buyers buy calibrated or mm sizes from us. Price structure for calibrated or fixed sizes is different from free sizes.




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