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Lapis Lazuli: Origin/Sources, Quality, Chemical & Physical properties and 4 C’s

Lapis Lazuli, a symbol of luck, prosperity and success is a mineral of dark-blue color and providing an impression of numerous stars shining in the dark blue sky. It is bright and luminous under the sunlight, but will turn out to be dark or gloomy under artificial lighting or candlelight. Lapis is not just a single mineral, but a mixture of lazurite, pyrite and calcite with little amounts of other minerals as well. Lapis literally means “blue gemstone” from Latin and Persian or Arabic and is conventionally a gemstone of royalty.

Usually, lapis forms in crystalline marble during the geological process of contact metamorphism, and because of its composition. Technically, lapis it is defined as a rock instead of a mineral, and is mainly composed of lazurite, whereas the remaining composition is made up of calcite, pyrite, Sodalite, and other minor ingredients.

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Sources of Lapis Lazuli: The oldest lapis lazuli deposits are situated in the terrain of the West Hindu-Kush Mountains in Afghanistan. But, Afghanistan is known to produce the best quality lapis at present and is also the most important source. Angola, Italy, Myanmar (Burma), Canada, Chile (North of Santiago), Pakistan, Russia, the United States (California and Colorado), Argentina and of course India, are some other sources where Lapis found.

Chemical Formula



Blue, Multicolored
Hardness 5 – 5.5
SG 2.4 – 2.5
Crystal System Isometric
Double Refraction None
Refractive Index 1.5
Cleavage 3,6
Luster Vitreous to greasy

Mineral Class

Rock that is mostly Lazurite with minor Calcite, Pyrite,

Quality Factors of Lapis Gemstone

Color of Lapis Lazuli- Lapis’s signature hue is somewhat greenish blue to violets blue and medium to dark in tone as well as is saturated greatly. In addition, the lowest-quality lapis looks green and dull due to an excess of pyrite and with white calcite streaks, it is less precious. As many people connect lapis with dark blue but it is also found in many other blue shades. The color of lapis can range from deep violet blue, royal blue to light blue and turquoise blue to a greenish blue. A stone’s look might be explained using an adjective that refers to a region, district or country but that doesn’t essentially mean the stone is really from that area. For example, lapis gem with many white calcite spots or a lot of green patches might be sold as “Chilean,” but it doesn’t mean the gem is actually from Chile.

Cut and shapes of Lapis Lazuli- Lapis has been shaped to show off its dark color for thousands of years. Usually, beads, inlays, tablets decorative carvings and cabochons are its cutting styles, which are used in jewelry are. Lapis is often designed into nature-themed sculptures and Freeform. A few of these carvings become carry-able art while others are simply decorative presently. Lapis comes in different shapes such as Round, spherical and oval shapes. But, round shape is the most popular and followed by fashionable hearts and trillions

Clarity of Lapis Lazuli- Normally, it holds the varying amounts of whitish calcite matrix (the host rock that surrounds the gem) or flecks or veins of glinting yellow pyrite. This stone can have a smooth uniform body color, free of noticeable pyrite and calcite as well.

Carat Weight of Lapis Lazuli- Lapis rough can be extremely big, so large designed gems are more common compared with several other gems. Bigger sizes are more likely to be engraved into art things, cut into calibrated sizes and used in designer jewelry.

Prices of Lapis Lazuli- Lapis gemstone takes a great polish and is frequently used for both ladies’ and men’s jewelry. It cuts into cabochons, tablets, beads or inlays, but its use has never been restricted to jewelry alone. All through its history, this gemstone has been a well-liked carving material, regularly designed into lots of ornamental and decorative items. Today, it is one of the most popular gemstones for men’s jewelry as well as can be found in tie tacks or shirt studs and particularly in big cabochon rings. In spite of its low price, the gem can be found in several high-end designer jewelry lines, normally pronounced with gold and diamond. Lapis is often carved for pins, large sculptures and brooches as it is fairly affordable as well as available in large sizes at present.

Lapis Lazuli is known as the gemstone of communication as well as a power gem enabling its wearer to speak his or her truth with honesty. This stone will boost a sense of calm, soothing frayed nerves and raise self-awareness. However, the blue color ray represents movement, moving forward and free flowing energy. In addition to its color, the color of Lapis is a deep blue with spots of gold all over. Ancient Egyptians valued this amazing stone for its natural capability to line up both them with the physical realm and that of the Gods.

Lapis aids meditation, promotes spirituality and help the psychic powers when it placed of the Third Eye chakra. Besides, it is also a popular amulet for amatory charm as well as protection against psychic attracts physical danger, negative influences, malevolent supernatural forces and many others. You can wear this gemstone when you sleep as it will help you in getting a clearer understanding of your dreams.

Care and Treatment of Lapis Gemstone: You must remove a lapis gem or jewelry before playing sports, engaging in energetic household chores, exercising or meditation. Store your lap is separate from other jewelry or gemstones to prevent fractures and scratches. One of the best ways to wrap or clean your gem is using a soft cloth and put it into a fabric-lined jewelry box for added protection.

Lapis Lazuli stone is a versatile and popular gem, which has revealed unexpected stability in the unstable tides of fashion and style. No wonder, as the gemstone has enthralled both men and women for thousands of years with its wonderful color as well as those golden points of light shaped by pyrites.