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Labradorite Cabochon

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Intro about Labradorite cabochons

Labradorite’s have flashed the industry with its presence, anytime Blue flash is talked about its to do with Labradorite. Not even Moonstone has enough Blue flash as deep the Labradorite does. We say this because the background color of these cabochons are Dark blue, Dark black, Dark green and when it shows Blue flash on the top it gives a whole new look all together. We will talk about history at the bottom of this page, but lets talk about Labradorite cabochons. Labradorite name has derived from the dog species Labrador, a species that has black spots on white, basically mottling we call it in Gemstone terms. Since this stone was discovered long time ago (We aren’t sure of the exact date), it has caused magic in the wearers hearts, but more than that the American Jewelry industry has been rocked by these beautiful firing gemstone cabochons. These cabochons not only attract the jewelry manufacturers or designers, but they also give the investors and home decorators a great chance to use this magical gemstone that is really very inexpensive.

Types of Labradorite Cabochons – calibrated, freeform, cabochons rose cut, facetted
The first and the very common type of Labradorite cabochons are calibrated ones, which basically are same sized cabochons. For example, 6 mm round cabochons, this is one of the most hottest selling sizes in Labradorite because of the cost and size perfectness. Now in the calibrated sizes we have mostly rounds and ovals, where as other types of shapes like Cushions, Pears we make on orders only as we have the rough to cut any wholesale Labradorite orders. Our process of making calibrated cabochons are simple, to grade the rough into different qualities and sizes. When we do the sizes we make sure that we pick the same sizes as close as possible otherwise if for example we are getting 6.50 mm rounds instead of 6 mm, we wouldn’t cut it as 6 mm but instead keep it as 6.50 mm and sell it as the freeform which is our next type.

After we sort all the rough into calibrated sizes, the remaining we make into freeform stones that we cut as it is, this type of stones have the least amount of waste because they are cut “as they were formed in rough form”. The freeform Labradorite stones are very famous for slices and single stones that make it to the market in the form of earrings or even single pendant pieces, that are one of a kind as there is no replacement for these single stones as how can we get the exact rough again, it has to be slightly different unless you are doing 100,000’s of pieces everyday, which we aren’t. We are manufacturing 1,000 pieces a day of Labradorite in our factory and so they all become one of a kind.

Our last type of cabochons is rose cut or faceted. Basically the cabochon part starts to hide in these facets and the stone usually is just called Rose cut gemstones or Facetted Labradorite gemstones. These are all the same thing, as they have a cut, just that Rose cut looks more like a rose with triangular facets next to each other forming a 2 dimensional rose, where as faceted can be irregular faceted gemstones or even regular cutting style which is rose cut mixed with any other facets that ensure maximum output.

Your wholesale supplier of Labradorite cabochons -
If you are looking for a genuine supplier of wholesale Labradorite cabochons, then there is no better place than this website, we are your supplier of cabs. We say this because we have been supplying the American and the European market with cabochons since our company started Of course it took some time for us to get started, for our factory to get into flow, but since then we love this gemstone with Iridescence. The flash matters a lot, and we understand this factor very well, so do our 48 cutters who ensure in our factory that they cut the rough to maximize the flash. Our Boss in the company trained the cutters personally, so they understand how to make sure max flash is shown face up, as that’s how the Jewelry is set.

We want to be your wholesale supplier and would like to tell you that only we produce cabochons for orders, but we also have a large inventory of Labradorite cabochons. This is because Labradorite cabochons is one of the hottest selling piece of cake right now and in order to meet the rising demand, our company, had ordered 1000’s of pieces in each size from our factory, it took time, but we built our inventory to a level that no other online gemstone supplier can.

Different flashes in Labradorite cabochons wholesale – The following chart will explain you the different Labradorite flashes we can supply and are capable of supplying.

Different firings in labradorite cabochons
blue firing labraorite cabochons yellow blue firing labradorite cabs

Color chart of Blue firing Labradorite- To understand the different amounts of blue firing that is possible in the Labradorite from Gemstone cabochons, you have to understand how the rough comes out from the ground and the manufacturing involved in the process of making these different amounts of Blue Labradorite cabochons. First lets talk about the rough from the earth.

How Labradorite rough is from the mines (earth)?
The rough comes in various shades of blue (lets leave all the other colors of Labradorite aside), some of them are very minimum blue flash, some of them have medium blue flash and some of them the whole piece of rough is covered with blue flash of lab. Now this reflects exactly on the type of cabochons we are capable of producing.

How the manufacturing of Labradorite in wholesale takes place?
The manufacturing of these labs’ are a difficult job, because of the technique required to make sure that the firing comes out on the face of the gemstone and not on the sides or deep inside the stone. Highest quality is when the flash comes billowy and on the surface and visible face up.

As clearly mentioned in the above picture, the most common color of Blue labs’ are the rainbow flash which also have blue, but the lightest blue. While the highest quality is of the Billowy blue flash which basically comes only in 5% of the rough of this semi precious gemstone.

Stock availability of Labradorite @ wholesale-Cabochons.com
We are capable of producing any shape, size on orders from the rough we have but apart from the order based work, we have a huge collection of stocked Labradorite, to meet the rising demands of this beautiful colored gemstone. Our stock list is here below, we keep a minimum of 1000 pcs in each size and shape at any given level as our buffer stock, sometimes we do have some hiccups where we get orders of 1000 pcs at one shot, but that’s a rare scenario.

Round Labradorite cabochons – We have been manufacturing micro sizes to big sizes in all different shapes.

2 mm small round cabochon
3 mm small rounds
4 mm round in Labradorite
5 mm cabochons at wholesale
6 mm ring sized cabochons in lab
7 mm uncommon sized cabochons available
8 mm most common size used in rings and bracelets
9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm.
Any other sizes can be manufacturer on orders.

Oval Labradorite cabochons
5×3 Ovals small sized cabs
6×4 Oval standard sizes
7×5 Common sized Labradorites
8×6 the most common size in any gemstone in Oval
9×7, 10 x8, 11×9, 12×8 & 12×10
Any other sizes can be manufacturer on orders.

Other shapes: Pear shapes, octagons, Cushions, Trillions, Baguette, Marquise etc

History of Labradorite – how it all started
On the east coast of Canada, Moravian missionaries found the labradorite first. Labradorite is a gem with an iridescent blue or rainbow firing when moved one angle to another and this multiple color characteristics is called. According to history, Inuit warrior was roaming along the coast and he noticed that northern lights (some) had been trapped in the rocks then he freed these trapped northern lights. It is called “Fire stone” or “Fire rock” that time. “Labradoressence”.  It is a stones with hardness at 6-6.5 at Mohs scale and comes under feldspar category. When it is mined then you can’t judge the quality in rough form and after mining when it is cut and formed to final stone then you can see the actual “Labradoressence”.

It is transparent to translucent stone, the blue labradoressence which we see, is not blue in actual but it is effect of light. When light enters in this stone and it gives blue color. Well, in this stone light plays a vital role, you will see different color effects in different level of lights.

Characteristics of labradorite
Category – Feldspar
Formula – (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O8, where Ca/(Ca + Na) (% anorthite) is between 50%–70%
Mohs scale hardness – 6 – 6.5
Other characteristics – Labradorescence (iridescent)
Dispersion – None
Source – Mines

Prices of Labradorite Cabochons
The prices on these completely depend on the type of purchase you are interested in making. If you buy our stocklist (For our current stock please email at info@wholesale-cabochons.com), the prices are obviously much better than if you want to order stuffs that we dont have stock for, yet we are able to give really good prices order based items. Companies we know charge consumers 1$/carat for some normal round cabochons with blue firing. Our prices would be 0.40$/ct for the same stuffs, this is because we want our customers to get the best prices possible. If you are looking to buy these beautiful Labrador, oh I mean Labradorite cabochons at wholesale prices from a supplier who manufacturers these ourselves, please email us RIGHT NOW before someone else buys the stock at great prices, at info@wholesale-cabochons.com
Sample pictures of labradorite cabochons
Labradorite cabochons 3mm, 4mm labradorite cabochons

Astrology behind labradorite
This stone is used in multiple healing purposes because of its mystical and magical labradoressence. To get rid of physical problems, unwanted spirits, nightmares, financial problems, job problems, unwanted fights in family and many other purposes it is used. As it changes its effects because of lights so it is said that this material has a special connects with sun. Mainly people wear ring to use it as astrological purpose, apart from astrology it is used in cocktail rings, dangle earrings, big size pendant, wire wrap jewelry, bracelets and other purposes as well. When any person from non gemstone background sees this stone, he doesn’t believe that this stone is natural. This gem is also used to make pyramids, balls, spheres, beads, wands and other fancy items. People use these stones in decoration at home, offices also.

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Send us inquiry for labradorite in both calibration and free size. Please write the sizes, quality and number of pieces you require and we will send you reply with in less than two working hours. You can contact us through contact us page and send us email. Our expert sales executives are always to reply on your queries.

We have different eye catching patterns and colors of Labradorite Cabochons. If you are looking for a supplier of cabochons then you can contact us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com and tell us your requirement. You can also write us about if you have any special requirement.




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