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Howlite Cabochons

Zodiac Stone Of: Gemini & Virgo
Associations: Moon & Earth
Chakra Gemstone Properties

Howlite is useful in protecting the upper 5th, Heart; 6th Third Eye/Brow or 7th, Crown Chakras cleansing wearer’s aura and purifying the blood.

Birthstone: Not a birthstone for any month

What is Howlite?
Howlite, a borate mineral that is also known as white Howlite, white buffalo or white turquoise stone. Howlite is always white or grey with darker stripes lining the stone. The stone can occur in crystal form, though that is moderately rare and about all of it is found in a big form seen towards the right. Howlite was discovered by Henry How in 1868 in Nova Scotia, Canada. It has been found in huge quantities in California and USA. Sometimes very big specimens of up to 50kg, have been found here. Howlite is very fragile stone and has a hardness of only 3 to 3.5 on Mohs hardness scale.

Chemical Composition:  Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5 Calcium Boro-silicate Hydroxide
Crystal System:  Monoclinic-Crystal-System
Numerical Vibration:      Number-2
Hardness:            2.5-to-3.5-Hardness
Color:    Colorless, Gray, White
Mineral Class:    Borates-Mineral-Class
Spiritual And Psychic Properties

Howlite is a stone of awareness spiritually, and can prepare the wearer to get wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine. The stone is used for healthy meditation and dimensional travel. Besides, the stone can be used to release attachments, linking old emotional pain, from a past life or the current life.

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Physical Properties
Howlite is also used in crystal healing for pain, bones, osteoporosis, teeth, calcium levels, leg cramps, anxiety disorders, stress-related illnesses and insomnia particularly as a gem elixir before bed. Less well known uses of Howlite in crystal healing are for the endocrine system and circulatory system.

Mental and Emotional Properties
It is a wonder stone for soothing upset state of mind and emotion and decreases an overly critical state of mind, anxiety, selfishness, stress, bringing relaxation and calm. Howlite can decrease anger rising from within or outwardly. The wake of such calming can help the user be comfortable as yourself without the need to pretend to be anything. It can ease confrontations and calm difficult communications, especially by diminishing facetiousness and discourtesy. Also, Howlite is used to expand self-expression and heighten creativity.

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