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Green Onyx Cabochons

Green Onyx

Onyx is a variety of Chalcedony and is a 7th Anniversary gemstone.
Green Onyx is related to our Heart Chakra.
Zodiac – Gemini, Leo
Element – Earth
Typical colours: Black, Grey, Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Brown, Green
It is most commonly found in  Brazil, India and the US.

Green Onyx
Onyx green is the mixture of green shade and onyx. The slowing slice of this beautiful green color runs through the gemstone and provides the extraordinary effect on the wearer. Also, it has been banded from lapidary materials, and is not artificial and obtained naturally from rocks. Besides, It is finished with treatment and heating  with nitric acid has been used to get rid of or lighten undesirable colors. It is also treated with sulfuric and hydrochloric acids to carbonize sugars that  have been absorbed into the top layers of stone. Onyx gemstone has different colors with various characteristics and properties  as a part of the quartz family, which is also a chalcedony,

Quality factors in Green onyx or Agate
Green onyx comes in different price range depending on quality (translucency and clarity), please see the chart to understand it.
green onyx cabochons

Green Onyx Healing Properties
Apart from advantageous to provide metaphysical effects on the wearer, green onyx  is also beneficial in terms of healing both physical and emotional problems. The green onyx deals with physical impairments like abdomen-related diseases, treating eyes, nose, and nervous system, nervous breakdown, leucoderma, impotence, maintain the blood pressure, and treating skin disease in order to help people cope with their physical problems. Also, this gem  is believed to have a soothing element, which brings great benefits during your stressing time

Green onyx is also good to help people to improve their public speaking ability, improve your creativity and encourages you to speak your thoughts and feelings. Green onyx represents the unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion as  the stone is associated with the heart chakra. It  is an excellent tool to bridge your upper three chakra and  lower three chakras. Green onyx  stone  is wear in the index finger of the left arm as well as  it should at least of 2 carats. It is good when uses in evens as it makes the wearer lucky and gets him or her the good fortune.

Why Buy From Us:
Wholesalecabochons.com provides you the best quality stone, green onyx stones with impressive clarity, rich color,  fully transparent and with a velvety reflection and high specific gravity in oval, round and cushion cut. The words onyx came out from Greek word “Onyx” ‘means fingernails. Green onyx gemstone is s secondary gemstone, ruled by Lord Budh (mercury).




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