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Golden And Black Rutile cabochons Stones: Rare And Stunning Gems

Rutile name derived after Latin “rutilas” and golden and black are common colors. Golden-colored Rutile characteristically happens in a slender acicular form. The tiny needles of Rutile originated in gemstones cause a visual occurrence known as asterism. In addition, asteriated stones are known as “star” gems like Star sapphire and Star rubies. Rutile has a strong dispersion with high refractive index and provides an adamantine luster as well as a diamond-like look to its crystals. It is related to the solar plexus chakra, and is occasionally believed a link between the root and crown chakras.
Rutile cooper

Rutile occurs as a general high-pressure and high-temperature accessory mineral in fiery rocks as well as stonework pegmatite’s and metamorphosed rocks like crystalline lime stones. In addition, the needles of Rutile are common inclusions in a large number of stone minerals and are the common form of titanium dioxide “TiO2”. Rarer polymorphs are Anatase and Brookite, which also form distinctive and attractive gemstones.

Properties of Rutile Gemstone:

Chemical Formula



Titanium dioxide, often with iron, occasionally with some minor niobium or tantalum

Specific Gravity

4.20 to 4.30

Cleavage Quality




Mohs Hardness

6 to 6.5

Refractive Index

2.609 to 2.903

Optical Character







star 4


(Dark) yellowish brown, reddish brown, black


Transparent, Translucent, Opaque


Very high


Adamantine, Metallic

Crystal System





Burma (Myanmar), Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Sri Lanka

Golden Rutile Gemstone:
The golden stones are best for creating talismans, which can be a magnet for both good luck and success in betting and gambling. The However, black samples are occasionally used in fortune telling. Black Rutile also helps do astral travelling as well as time-travelling and protects during such journeys as well. There is a general belief that witches use black gemstone to perform their rituals. Those people who are aspirant to find love and make a happy family must wear the yellow or golden color stone in a bracelet on their left hand. Besides, men wearing the talisman become sexually good-looking to women. It integrates energy at several levels and heightens the energy of other stones. The stone is a vital healing stone, so you can be benefited by using any of other high vibration stones together with Golden rutile. It is also a strong stone for manifestation and can be united with other stones, including Brazilianite, Citrine and Chalcopyrite

Properties of Golden Rutile Gemstone:

Chemical Formula





(Root/Base) Chakra

Metaphysical Properties


Mental Processes

Repels negative Energy



Stabilizes Relationships

Physical Healing Properties


Stimulates Sexuality

Regulates Mother’s Milk

Strengthens Veins

Brightness in eyes

Issues and Ailments (Emotional): Coping with Phobias, Discernment, Fear, Decision Making, Forgive, Forgiveness, Self Control Happiness, Motivation

Issues and Ailments (Physical):   Aging, Aging Process, AIDS/HIV, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer\’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Senility, Teeth, Dementia, Fatigue, Thyroid, Lungs, Parasites, Senile, Tissue

Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):  Increase Energy, Clairvoyance, Communication with Spirit Guardians, Past Life Recall, Clear/Balance/Protect Aura, Remembering Past Lives, Working with Angels, Revitalizing Aura,

If you are on spiritual and personal transformation a path, then this gemstone with Moldavite or you can combine it with Phenacite, Danburite, Pietersite or Merkabite Calcite to promptly link you with the higher realms. It will elevate you fast to the higher realms, and once you start to make contact with the spirit it is extremely easy to become ungrounded. In addition, when you are working on past life healing, an influential blend is to use Golden Rutilated Quartz with d Dioptase and Covellite.

Black Rutile Gemstone:
Black Rutile enhances the intuition of the wearer, and provides him or her great power by putting it on the body when wants to win a rival company. In addition, this gem stone is also popular with sales positions, people management, and in the financial industry, black Rutile can really improve the luck with money and work. Additionally, the wearer of the gem can expect the effect of as a lucky charm that he or she doesn’t wants to or deceived as well as moving in the wrong direction. Black gem of Rutile is a normal thing compared to gold, and contains several part of the needle. Occasionally black crystal has also been sold as black Rutile quartz in the market.

Significantly increase the luck with money and work.

Don’t try to fooled, move or a wrong direction to sense the danger.

Increase the gambling luck improved intuition.

Black Rutile gem is an expensive stone as it is a gem high rarity extremely output is small. However, it is gemstone want to carry all means when anyone is missing the game. It is known for its great abilities to enhanced career, increase wealth and stands for the power and mystery. Besides, it possesses a special type of energy that empowers the holder to be more confident as well as to making great influence on the behavior of others, and also refuse to accept not needed influences. Its color that is black is also a mysterious color related to elegance, power, mystery and formality. You can use this gem as protection gemstone from evil spirits to black magic, and preventing you from all dangers, both seen and unseen.

Taking Care of Rutile:
Rutile is a lightly softer mineral, and the care of this gem is very similar to the care of quartz. You can clean your Rutile gem by a warm or damp cloth as well as jewelry cleaning solutions must be usually avoided. Apart from this, automatic jewelry cleaning systems like sonic cleaners also need to avoid. Jewelry made by Rutile must be kept either in a cloth bag or in a padded box to stay away from scratches.

Absolutely, without a doubt Golden and Black Rutile gemstones are amazing. These stones do not only boast a strong historical background, but their current usage is outstanding. Their multiplicity of roles and the innuendos related to usefulness make them one of the most adorable presents that nature has given to us.