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Fossial Coral Cabochons

Introduction Fossil Coral
Actually, Fossil Coral is a semi-precious gemstone chalcedony pseudomorph after coral. The term fossil refers to any aged rests or imprint of a living organism or it is golden ager coral that has transformed into an agate. The process occurred when silica in the ocean water hardened, and replacing the limy coral. These beautiful Fossil Coral gemstone cabochons have an impressive dot and spray pattern.

Formation Of Fossil Coral
Silicification of Paleozoic Era corals  like the Devonian age, about 416 to 359 million years ago “Petosky Stone” on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska or of the Lake Michigan region  are attributed to the big  quantity of siliceous sponges, which expanded  in the ancient warmer shallow waters. In addition, the sponges stand for a likely source of mobile silica in the sedimentary pile. The silica was freed to replace the carbonate rich coral skeletons as the sponges decomposed, Samples are ardently gray colored and display a hexagonal pattern veritable of crude coral species.

Fossial Coral Cabochons in different colors
Grey, Black, brown are easily available but sometimes red not.

fossial coral cabochons

Where Are Fossil Corals Found?
Generally, corals were ample throughout the Palaeozoic Era (545 and 251 million years ago). Both colonial and solitary corals are discovered in Palaeozoic sedimentary rocks, especially limestones in eastern and central Victoria, that were deposited during the late Silurian and early Devonian periods between 420 million years ago. Also, Fossils of tiny solitary corals happen in much younger Tertiary marls and clays about 30 and 5 million years old, particularly in the Torquay, Mornington and Geelong districts.

Agatized  Fossil Coral Metaphysical & Mystical Significance
Agate is a very common term for a naturally happening variety of microcrystalline or chalcedony quartz. Unique colors are natural browning, grays, yellows, oranges, reds, purples and pinks. Zodiac relations of agate are Virgo and Gemini. agate is associated with the Moon Astrologically and it is said it can enhance one’s concentration and perceptiveness as well as can stimulate analytical capacity. Besides, Agatized Fossil Coral is considered to provide a balanced yin/yang energies as well as yo promotes harmony, self-confidence and even emotional and spiritual strength of the wearer.

Furthermore, agate is said to stand for marital and romantic fidelity in romance. Also, used in contact with the position of the 3rd Chakra, agate eases anxiety and stress  by grounding emotions. Also, it consideredto promote health of the teeth and gums as well as it improve circulation and aids heal disorders of the pancreas. Apart from this,  Agatized  Fossil Coral was a traditional healer of eye, stomach and  skin  ailments.

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