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Fluorite Cabochons

Information, history and reasons of fluorescence -
Fluorite gemstone is said to be one of most famous mineral, it is also said ‘the most colorful gemstone or mineral in all types of minerals’ because it has the verities of colors. When it was found, it was referred as ‘fluorspar’, later on this term been limited to chemical industrial and it was named ‘fluorite’ in gemstone industry. Like labradorite comes with labradorescence (blue and rainbow fire inside), on the same way fluorite come with ‘fluorescence’ and it was named after mineral fluorine which is vital element. When we impose UV rays then fluorite is quickly fluorescent. It is due to impurities of some organic matter. It is one of the stone which comes with different colors but mostly primary color is blue and violet, yellow, red are secondary colors.

Where Fluorite is found?
We have direct connection from wholesale rough sellers of this stones however it is mainly found in Canada, Argentina, China, France (and many countries from UK), Myanmar, Russia and the United States. New Jersey united state is known for unique quality which is called ‘chlorophane’. Apart form this England is famous for ‘blue john’ which is available in low quantities.

Chemical formula and properties -
Chemical Equation: CaF2 and octahedral structure
Color: Different colors. Primary color is blue and many other color strips found inside stone.
Hardness: 4 on the Mohs scale (comparatively low)
Cleavage:  Perfect
Transparency: Transparent to translucent (It comes in quartz )

Fluorite Color and other info-
As we informed above paragraph that it comes with primary color which is blue and bands of different colors (red, green, violet, colorless and others) are found. Mostly fluorite is found multicolored and cabochons is cut by multicolored rough. Single colored fluorite rough is used to make cut stones. More than 60% raw material is used to make cabs because hardness is comparatively low so it needs a little care if you are wearing this stone. Many fake suppliers are supplying synthetic or manmade fluorite so buyers should always need to take it in attention. Fluorite gemstones are mainly used in pendants and earrings because these can be easily protected.

Our manufacturing and production house
We have our unit which is making only cabochons of fluorite gemstones in calibrated to free size. It is important to have skilled labour to take out the best from the rough of fluorite and we have that. Our expert labors are making fluorite wholesale cabochons for a long time. We have our inventory in India and currently making all sizes and shapes.Please email us your requirement in free or mm size and we will provide you our wholesale prices.

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Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan