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Dendrite Opal Cabochons

Introduction -
Dendritic Opal, also known as  Moss Opal is the name given to any common opal with fern or tree like silicates or manganese oxides. Also, Dendritic Opal is sometimes referred to by the metaphysical name of Merlinite, which is a crystal and is very similar in chemical composition and appearance. Besides, Opal is a hydrated silica mineral that comprises of microscopic spheres of silica, which are bound together with silica or water. Additionally, there are two forms of Opal, namely common and precious. Normally, common Opal is opaque the colour range such as  white, yellow/orange, brown, blue, pink, yellow or black, and all could contain dendrite formations. Dendritic Opal’s frequency connects to all the physical chakras with a powerful resonance to definite chakras, depending on the base colour of the Opal, for example,  white crown chakra.

Dendrite opal cabochon

Origin Dendritic Opal
The most celebrated deposits are found in China, India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Australia,  Namibia, Uruguay, the USA, Mexico and Mongolia. The dendritic agate mined from India is  referred to as ‘Mocha stone’, a name credited to its old transport method via the Arabian Harbor of Mocha.

Dendrite Opal Cabochons Information-
Dendrite opal

Dendritic Opal Characteristic Physical Properties -
Hardness:- 5-6.5
Streak:- White
Specific Gravity:- 1.98-2.5 (Typical: 2.15)
Toughness:- Poor To Fair
Inclusions:- Dendritic opal is milk opal that has dendritic inclusions that look like moss or ferns.
Luster:- Vitreous To Resinous
Stability:- Poor To Fair
Fracture: Conchoidal To Uneven

The energy of Dendritic Opal aids in one’s growth within the physical body and spiritual growth. Also. This game lets the wearer to be able to be intended aware of the nature of life’s experience, providing one clarity into one’s actions as well as bringing balance and harmony into one’s life.

Furthermore, Dendritic Opal supports one’s intent and assist one to organize one’s thoughts, actions and feelings in order that one becomes discerning, and this in turn helps one become a non judgmental, just identifying others for who they are, a vital lesson for one’s development.

These gemstones help to stimulate your creative thinking and will aid you to access higher spiritual energy. Besides,  Dendritic Opals also help you to develop an open and comprehensible  way of seeing life. This gem energy vibrates powerfully within the navel or sacral chakra.  Dendritic Opal is a stone that aids travel out of the body as well as vision quests of a shamanistic nature.  Dendritic Opals are extremely easy to buy today. You just need to contact us today.




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