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Crystal Quartz Cabochons

Crystal Quartz is one of the most common gemstone in our Cabochon store. In latest trend of Jewelry Crystal Quartz is being used with Smoky Quartz and it gives an elegant and magnificent look that is the reason of increasing sales of this stone.

Introduction of crystal cabochons - Crystal quartz is one of the simple gemstones that we have in our collection of all Gemstone cabochons. We say this because crystal quartz is a colorless (Some people also say white) gemstone cabochon that can be used as a replacement for White topaz, White sapphire and even White diamonds sometimes. Crystal quartz popularity has been so high recently because of the natural goo positive effects it has on people. Its astrological powers have changed lives, and they say when you do good things to people, they do good things to you. That’s exactly what has happened with Crystal quartz. Not just in cabochons form, but crystal rough itself has been used in a lot of Jewellery, so this “natural” them in Jewelry has been the biggest hits in the local mass markets of USA and in Australia in particular. Young fashionable people have devoted their money into this gemstone that is supposed to have positive vibes around it. That energy has passed on and now more than 1,000,000 people in the world own some sort of a crystal gemstone (According to research we read on the internet)

What is Crystal Quartz?
Crystal quartz is simply quartz. The most abundant material on earth is quartz, its uses have been vast and many different types of uses have been found for this gemstone. Crystal quartz is SIO2 Silicon dioxide and has a hardness of 7, which is just 1 below Topaz and 3 below Diamond. Crystal quartz is a clear or white form of quartz that sometimes is also found milky in the nature. Every different type of crystal quartz found is treated and sold differently. The ones that come in crystal terminated forms are either extracted as it is and sold per piece or the whole crystal quartz geode is sold as it is to allow no manufacturing, and no manual labor involved. These geodes are terminated crystals are sold to individuals who believe that crystal quartz is good luck. People in many countries especially India, China, USA believe that crystals are very good for your lucky charm.

crystal quartz cabs

100% clean crystal quartz natural cabochons in all sizes and shapes

What is so special about Crystal quartz that it sells so well?
There aren’t just one special point about crystal quartz. Here below are the following goods points that really make crystal quartz not just the most abundant material but also the most sell able out of all quartz colors.
Crystal Quartz cabochon

Simplicity is always sellable.

White diamonds are the most expensive gemstone on the planet, and crystal quartz is not because of its availability. Crystal possessessimilar properties to diamonds, that’s why they sell.

Abundant – yes sometimes the fact that they are available means they can be mass produced and not very low availability like diamonds.

Inexpensive – since its abundant it’s not expensive.

Crystal quartz has a very well known positive vibe attached to it.Even we at our office use Crystal quartz to spread the energy.

What are the qualities factors in Crystal quartz?

It may seem weird but there are many qualities that are do able in Crystal quartz cabochons. So let us explain what type of qualities are available and what types of qualities you can buy at wholesale from us.

AAA quality – this crystal clear quality does not contain any type of inclusions or blemishes. This type of quality is rare in the market where sellers sell qualities AAA but under proper magnification and proper investigation, you’ll realize they have slight inclusions. Best way to judge the quality is by placing the cabochons on black paper or sheet. This quality of cabochons is rare but possible to manufacturer in wholesale quantities. Basically the rough has to be sorted that way, when we bought our rough they come clean but mostly they have very slight inclusions not spotted by the naked eye. But what we do to make this AAA quality is mark on the rough, which have some inclusions to make sure we don’t include those inclusions. This way, when we cut it we get lesser output, and sometimes the output can be 40% lesser than the output if we included the inclusions, that’s why the price of AAA quality is much more than other companies and other qualities.

AA quality is the easiest quality to manage, as eye visible inclusions are acceptable for the customers. This quality is usually used in jewellery that is mass produced as cost becomes the most important issue for the sellers as customers are very price sensitive because marketing does not happen of these produces, especially with almost no focus on brand image. This quality like mentioned above may be up to 50% less expensive than AAA quality.

A quality – this is the quality we use to make wands and this quality may be milky, up to 90% of the stone my be milky to save cost and use whatever part of the rough as it comes. This is most inexpensive type of Crystal quartz cabochon.

Types of cabochons in crystal -

There are various types of cabochons available due to the vast variety of uses of these cabochons. These types of cabochons are:

Glass thin cabochons – these crystal cabochons may be used as buttons, as spa products or even as plate decorative item gemstones. The height of these cabochons is usually very low. The most famous sizes for plate decorative items are 25 mm and the height of 7 mm. We have done these types of orders in the near past so we know exactly what customers are looking for.
Calibrated cabochons – These are used in jewellery where rings are designed as cocktail rings, or even tennis bracelets in an inexpensive range, where different colors of rainbows are used, as well as white. The only commercial white calibrated gemstone is Crystal quartz and with its super powerful vibes, nothing can stop it from being used.
Free size cabochons – these are rarely ordered with us but still orders keep coming from India and Indonesia where handmade cabochons are set into jewellery to be sold as Hand made products and sometimes Tribal jewelry which uses a lot of dark colors of metals and wire wrapping.
Thin slices of white crystal quartz – some of our customers have ordered these to make earrings of the same sizes. We have stock of pairs that customers can simply use in their jewellery and make beautiful thin sliced (lightweight) jewellery pendants out of it.
Buying crystal quartz at wholesale with wholesale-Cabochons.

wholesale-cabochons(dot)COM is really the ultimate place for your cabochon requirements. We specialize in cabochons and as you may see that we have a large stock of crystal quartz cabochon, in fact we store in all common sizes and shapes minimum of 1000 pcs – you can check our stock list by simply emailing us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com

Our cutters in our factories specialize in cutting cabochons, especially in this gemstone. This gemstone has the best meaning behind it, in fact the strongest. There is no replacement for a white inexpensive natural gemstone, thus we have trained our cutters how to make sure to handle the cutting of this gemstone and to use the best diamond powder while polishing these cabochons. The polish plays a very important role as unpolished gemstones can easily see scratches and lines on the surface of the gemstone which beats the purpose of buying these inexpensive gemstone.

History of Crystals -
Quartz is one the most famous mineral of the earth which is used more in decoration purpose rather than jewelry making. This mineral is found in Earth’s crust. The word ‘quartz’ is derived by German word ‘quartz’ that means ‘hard’. This is one the stones which is found in every corner of the earth so availability of this stone is high and high availability makes its prices low. Quartz deposit can be found in different countries. Rose quartz, smoky quartz, rutile quartz, amethyst, Lemon quartz, beer quartz and others are other types of quartz.
History of quartz says that long time ago many primitive tools were made by crystals and found in Omo valley in Ethiopia. Since starting time, it has been used in tools because of its hardness and brittleness. Divination is one of another use of quartz. Spheres, balls and wands are widely used in healing, diagnosis and other purposes. Quartz (sio2) is also used in micro chips, computers and watches because ot its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties.




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