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Citrine Cabochons

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Citrine is one other stone in quartz family like smoky, crystal, amethyst which comes in yellow color. Both natural and heat treated citrine are available in market. It is made by heating process of natural amethyst. Level of heating decides the color; medium level of heating gives it medium yellow to golden color which is acceptable in market. If you overheat on high temperature then it will give slight brownish color. The name citrine is derived from word “Citron” which means Lemon. Citrine is very cheap stone as price point of view with comes with hardness of 7 on Mohs scale, 1.54-1.55 RI, 2.63-2.655 Specific gravity with good luster, process temperature 750 degree F and good transparency. Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Spain and Russia are main hubs for citrine. World’s biggest faceted citrine on record is 25.5cmx14.1cmx10.0cm and weighs around 19,548 cts. In Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul is the popular state for citrine. Ametrine is also a part of citrine; basically amethyst and citrine make the “Ametrine”.

Prices based on different color of citrine
In general, the deeper color citrine are the higher in prices which you can golden color (Madeira Citrine). Intense yellow colored citrine are difficult to found naturally. Low priced citrine comes with color zoning and mostly this quality is used in cabochons. When you compare it with orange-yellow topaz then it resembles quite in that but very cheap as price point of view. All shapes round, heart, oval, emerald, marquise and cushion are running in market, although ovals, rounds and cushions are most popular. Sometimes this stone is also used with diamonds because of its elegant color as center stone. Low quality citrine is used with white quartz in beads and bracelets.

We have citrine in A, AA, AAA colors. A quality comes with color banding and very pale color with no inclusions, AA quality comes with medium good color and AAA comes with top color without any inclusions. Mostly designers and buyers prefer AA quality because it comes in medium price range and looks good.

citrine cabochons rounds maderia citrine cabs

We are supplying all types of loose citrine cabochons at wholesale prices -
We have been manufacturing all sizes in citrine from 2mm to 15mm up in all different shapes. We have different qualities as per customers’ requirements. If you need low quality citrine cabochons for bulk use, Medium quality for jewelry use and high end citrine cabs for high end jewelry then you can simply drop us an email or contact us through contact us form.
Citrine has become popular because it’s unique color and low price. A budget-minded woman can easily carry the jewelry of citrine. If you talk about other yellow stone like yellow sapphire, which is very expensive in comparison to citrine.

Astrology about Citrine Cabochons
Being the birthstone of the month November, Citrine is also a birthstone of Scorpions i.e. the persons taking birth from October 24- November21. Citrine helps the wearer in the treatment of depression, also eliminates self-destructive tendencies. The nick name for Citrine is “Success Stone” and its association with planet Jupiter attracts success, wisdom and prosperity. Citrine Cabochons symbolizes light-heartedness, joy and happiness. This gemstone is a cheap substitute of Yellow Sapphire. If a person wears Citrine with gold in his small finger, he can witness some magical changes in his life. People used this stone to protect snake venom and nightmares and thought to give calmness and positivity in your life. It is birthstone for November and considered as best jewelry gift to give on 13th wedding anniversary.

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