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Chalcedony Cabochons

Natural/Dyed Chalcedony cabochons, rose cut in all sizes and shapes

Buy Loose Chalcedony cabochons at wholesale prices in both natural and dyed material
Chalcedony is one of the oldest gemstone which was used by Greeks and European first for different purposes. This stone is popular worldwide because of it is affordable and beautiful. This one of the variety of quartz comes in bluish color with slightly purple, grey tone. It is preferred by jewelry designer in their designs because in this price range, there is no any other stone which comes with such soft and pleasant color. Mainly chalcedony is used in cabochons, beads and carvings.

Chalcedony color chart

“Chalcedony” term is applicable for all quartz which comes in cryptocrystalline form, which can come in different colors and pattern. To avoid any misunderstanding in different types of chalcedonies, other varieties of chalcedonies have their individual names in market like ‘Agate’, ‘carnelian’, ‘Jasper’ and others.

Aqua Chalcedony

Earlier it was considered only made of cryptocrystalline quartz but later on it was discovered that it is combination other silicate material like moganite and with the help of other materials chalcedony form a hexagonal structure. For a long time there is still debate going on Jewish high priest’s breastplate. That breast plate was made of three cryptocrystalline quartz; Sardonyx, Jasper and chrysoprase, some critics say that other quartz were also used in that. Turkey is main origin of this stone.

Source chalcedony cabochons from us at wholesale prices
We have been manufacturing all calibration to free sizes of chalcedony cabochons at wholesale prices from 2mm to 20mm and bigger sizes. Natural chalcedony color is very soft and it is favorites of many Americans specially. Designers are using this stone in pendants, rings and bracelets, even though some companies are using this in shoes, watches and fancy purses. Mainly regular sizes are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in different cuttings cabs like rose cut, normal smooth cabs, checkerboard cabs etc. The most famous shapes are oval, round and cushions. Who knows the trend, so we make all other shapes like trillion, heart and others as well.

Quality factors of loose chalcedony cabochons
Quality of chalcedony cabs basically depends on color and clarity. If color is more vivid and blue then it will be higher in prices and light color will be cheaper in prices. Chalcedony comes translucent to opaque. People prefer translucent material to buy. Because of its softness, you will get very good shine. Good translucency with nice color if both are in a good proportion then you can call it best quality of this stone.

Natural and dyed chalcedony
Natural chalcedony remain untreated and unheated from mines to end user but due to high demand of soft colors, dyed color (Color enhanced) are also running in market which come in yellow, green, pale violet, rose, pink and many other colors. Chalcedony is porous like turquoise so it is easy to dye it. Dyed colors don’t fade unless you heat it on high temperature or perform any other treatment. If you simply use it then colors of dyed chalcedony will never get fade and it behaves same like natural. Here are some pictures of other colors of chalcedonies.

How to clean your Chalcedony gemstones
Ultrasonic treatment and other treatments are harmful for this stone and it can be easily cleaned by soapy and warm water using brush or cloth. When you are cleaning different stones together then make sure you clean all stones separately and also make sure you don’t use any chemical or powder to clean. Hardness of this stone is good so wearer should be not worried about its handling.
Healing properties of chalcedony gems – This stone is used to create positivity around you and it controls you mind and emotions. Many people use it for heart and bone diseases.

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