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Blue Sapphire

This Page is all about Blue Sapphire Cabochons
Introduction -

Blue sapphire cabochons are one of the most brilliant invention of the Gemstone cutters who have found the perfect way to utilize the low quality blue sapphire rough to be made into Cabochons and not lower quality of Facetted blue sapphires. Since the quality of Blue sapphires has also gone down since early 21st century, the supply has reduced too. This has forced alot of designers to use Cabochons instead in their jewellery and get a chance to use the included rough that comes out naturally from the ground. Blue sapphire cabochons has though since 21st century, been used in Victorian jewellery, conventional pieces that has made the wearer look like they have entered the ancient era. These type of Blue sapphire cabochon jewellery is very famous amongs the young people. Now have a look at many other aspects on Blue sapphire cabochons.

Wholesale Blue sapphire cabochons

Blue sapphire cabochons can be bought at wholesale prices form Wholesale-Cabochons.com, if you are looking for a genuine supplier of these beautiful cabochons then I can promise that you will not regret choosing us as the supplier for these Blue sapphire cabochons. They are one of the best sapphire cabochons that are avaible as you can see in the below pictures of blue sapphires. Mostly 6mm, 8mm rounds are used in rings with small sizes like 2mm. Our main production for this for this stone is up to 10mm however we make big sizes as well.
blue sapphire cabochons                  
6mm and 8mm blue sapphire cabochons natural AAA quality

Prices of Blue sapphire cabochons

The prices of Blue sapphire cabochons vary, but here is the prices for top quality Blue sapphire cabochons.

high and low dome cabs

This picture is not of natural blue sapphire, this is just used to show you the height we can make


Qualities of Blue sapphire cabochons
There are many ways to judge qualities of Blue sapphire cabochons. One way is to see if the clarity is what it is. We say this because judging quality of blue sapphire cabochons as the blue sapphire cabs are usually dark in shade and thats why you need to use a torch to go through the gemstone, this way the inclusions are clearly visible. The next method of judging quality of Blue sapphire cabochons are color. Use the above color chart of Blue sapphire cabochon and understand that the better color makes a better “quality” where as techinically you are supposed to look at both the Inclusions and at the color of the Blue sapphire. By the way you may be interested in seeing our different color chart of blue sapphires, before you order.

Blue Sapphire cabochons color chart

Blue sapphire cabochons color chart
Different types of Blue sapphire cabochons
We have two different types of Blue sapphire cabochons that we have and can supply. The high dome cabochons are more expensive as the rough in Blue sapphire does not come in this style of cabochons but all we have to do is use the right type of rough that suits to make these high dome cabochons. So send in your requirements now!

Blue and Pink Sapphire Cabochons image Clicked by Sales team in our office




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan