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Black Rutile cabochons

Black Rutile Cabochons
Rutile, a titanium dioxide mineral is a major ore of titanium and usually occurs in high temperature, high pressure and  igneous or metamorphic rocks. The name rutile comes from “rutilus”  a  Latin word meaning red. Also, Acicular crystals are generally found included within Rutilated Quartz. Besides, Microscopic inclusions of Rutile within Rose  Quartz, Quartz, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Ruby and chatoyancy (cat’s eye) and Beryls produces asterism (stars). Twinned Rutile crystals shaping octahedral circles are interesting and collectable.  Rutilated quartz has been referred to as  Venus hair stone, Fleches d’amour and Cupid’s darts.
Rutile is a mineral composed mainly of titanium dioxide and its refractive index is among the highest of any well-known mineral.  By contrast, Diamond has a refractive index of 2.417 to 2.419. Besides, natural rutile varies in color as well as can be blood red, golden, black and reddish-brown  with the color resulting from the presence of iron.

Some More Details About Rutile
Chemical Composition:TiO2
Colour: Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, Silver, Violet
Class: Oxide, Rutile Group
Hardness: 6 to 6.5
Formations: Prismatic, Slender To Acicular, Vertically Striated Or Furrowed, Rarely Pyramidal Crystals, And Granular Massive
Localities: Worldwideb
Lustre: Adamantine To Metallic, Translucent To Transparent
Cleavage: Good In Two Directions
Varieties: Gel Rutile, Ilmenorutile, Iserite, Lusterite, Nigrine, Niobian Rutile, Sagenite, Struverite
Metaphysical Properties Of Rutile
The supreme healer, and  is a gift from the Earth to her inhabitants. Rutile can be programmed with instructions to vibrate with different energies.  It is a great  gem  for gridding, manifestation and energy work. It also amplifies energies of people, intentions, and other crystals.

Quality chart of Black Rutile quartz cabochons –
Rutile quartz quality depends on clarity and needles or rutile inside the stones, please check this chart to understand more clearly.
Black Rutile Quartz cabochons
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