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Black onyx Cabochons

History & Lore of Black Onyx
The name “Onyx” is driven from the Greek word ‘onyx’ meaning “fingernail”. Experts and legend says that a sleeping Venus had her divine fingernails cut off with a point by Eros/Cupid, and he left the clippings scattered on the sand below, which turned to stone in the future as the god’s felt that no part of the Venuses heavenly body should ever perish. In the beginning, almost all colors of Chalcedony from white to dark brown to black in Greek times were labeled as Onyx. Also, it was then later distinct by the Ancient Romans that the term Onyx would only be used to refer to the black and dark brown colored gemstones.

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Gemstone: Black Onyx
Chemical Symbol: SiO2
Chemical Make-up: A Silicon Dioxide and is a member of the Chalcedony Quartz family.
Birthstone Month:The stone is one of the gemstones related to the month of December.
Zodiac: Associated with the zodiac sign of Leo.

black onyx cabochons

Black Onyx is rated at 6.5 to 7 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, so care should be taken to protect Onyx against scratching and chipping. Besides, this gem is a brownish black to black opaque gemstone with a smooth and waxy luster. Black Onyx is not readily available and affordable, but its dark and deep lustrous surface can show an impressive contrast with other warm-colored stones, and making it a fabulous addition to a jewelry.

Black Onyx Gemstone Mythology, Metaphysical And Crystal Healing Powers -
Black onyx is considered to have protective properties as well as to bring self-confidence, mental discipline and inner strength to its wearer. Besides, this gem, is said to help alleviate fear and anxiety and release negative emotions. Physically, onyx is thought to help with eye and ear problems, childbirth, wound healing, and to benefit the skin, teeth, nails and hair. This gem is also the seventh wedding anniversary gemstone.

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