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Aquamarine Cabchons

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Information about Aquamarine
Aquamarine gemstone comes in light blue color ranging from light sky blue to sea blue. This stone is completely natural, sky blue topaz also comes in same color even better color than Aquamarine although people prefer this stone because it is natural. As color of this stone resembles sky that’s why is is called a eternal color. This stone comes with good shine and hardness (7.5-8 on Mohs scale) and it is kept in beryl family. It is pure, clear blue stone.

Santa Maria Aquamrine which is very rare and come top blue color, on the other hand ‘Espirito Santo aquamarines from the Brazil which come pale blue, few other qualities come from Fortaleza and Marambaia.

Prices for Aquamarine Cabochons
Prices for Aquamarine starts from 3-5$ per carat for lower quality and high based on quality and color. More vivid in color and clear Aquamarine will be more high priced. If we talk about general aquamarine cabochon market than jewelers use AA to A quality to lower their jewelry piece prices. Mostly high AAA quality is used in Cut stones.

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Aquamarine Round cabochons natural good color and quality

Aquamarine Round cabochons natural good color and quality

Aquamarine oval and round cabochons

Aquamarine oval and round cabochons

Please mention in the email: Your Name, Company Name, and Size of Aquamarine Cabochons, and very important is the quantity. Our minimum order is a total of 200$. Wholesale-Cabochons.com is your answer for all the requirements you may have in Aquamarine Cabochons, we have all sizes and shapes available straight from our own manufacturing from Thailand. We only deal in the most finest quality of Aquamarine, which is blue colored, clean cabochons. The color of the Aquamarine Cabochons would highly depend on the size, the smaller the size, the lighter the color of Cabochon in Aquamarine would be, usually.

Astrology about Aquamarine Cabochons -
Aquamarine can be worn as planetary stone of Uranus or as modern birthstone of Pisceans (March). The stone is recommended to married couples to work out the differences between them and ensures happy married life. In ancient times, loose stones of Aquamarine were used by sailors while travelling in the sea; they believed that this stone will protect them during their voyage.  It is often known as “Stone of Courage”- when worn stone enhances one’s knowledge, intectual thinking and learning power. This stone proves beneficial to those who are into meditation and spiritual healing, as it brings peace.

Aquamarine cabochons color chart – This is for color only. Grade is another factor on which clarity depends.
final aqua color chart

aquamarine Aa cabs

Aquamarine in medium grade with good color but clouds inside




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