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Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan

Aquamarine Cabochon

Loose low, medium and top quality aquamarine cabochons- available for different range

We are the wholesale supplier of Aquamarine Cabochon because we are the manufacturer of this type of Cabochon. We are the one who can assure you about the quality and purity at wholesale prices.

We have our own manufacturing units in Thailand and India where we manufacture Aquamarine Cabochon. We have a great team of expert craftsmen who use advance tools and machinery to make the beautiful cabochon from rough and crystal of Aquamarine. We make different quality as per customers’ requirements, here we are listing pictures based on qualities -

Aquamarine Round cabochons natural good color and quality

Aquamarine Round cabochons natural good color and quality

Aquamarine Round Cabochon

Medium grade with visible inclusions available at low prices

You can contact us at info@wholesale-cabochons.com for more information and it would our pleasure to edify you. You can place your order via email us and tell us about your requirements. You can visit our website to browse more available cabochons in our vast inventory.

The Aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone of March as adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. It is also the birth stone for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. The color range of Aquamarine Cabochon is from an almost colorless pale blue to blue-green or teal. The costliest color is the deep-blue aqua color. It is gets its name from the Latin words meaning water and sea.

Aquamarine Cabochon has been believed to endow the foresight, happiness and courage of the wearer. It also helps to cure anxiety as a healing stone. In the middle Ages it was thought that aquamarine would help to reduce the effect of venoms.