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Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan

An overview on moonstone cabochons

Are you Cabochons Fanatic? Moonstone is a fascinating gemstone that is famous from ancient time. It is known due to mystery and stories behind it. From time of Romans this natural colorless Gemstone with Reflection of Blue, Grey, and Orange and Off white is famous. Why it is named Moonstone? This stone is blessed by moon and believed that this stone was born from Solidified rays of moon. (Wikipedia written). Hardness of this stone is slight lower than Peridot and others so Faceted Cutting is less possible in this. Cabochons made by this gives feel of wearing moon to wearer. It is called stone of “LOVE”. It gives a romantic feeling and sensuous feeling to your partner.

How wholesale-cabochons (our company) manufacture Moonstone
We are Manufacturing this really smooth vibrant and enchanting Moonstone in our own unit in Thailand. We are importing rough from Sri Lanka, India (South) and Australia. These counties have huge deposit. We are making in all colors like Grey, Blue, Orange, Green, off white, Rainbow and White. We have completed big orders in this Gemstone, as our company name refelects that we are Wholesale Supplier. Our prices are quite competitive.

Moonstone as a Healer
Feminine issues, Love affair problems, Lacking in Confidence and Emotion Control can be easily resloved by using Moonstone. Astrologers also suggest this to Businessman because of its amazing Reflection that directly connects the wearer with Nature.

An eye on Moonstone Cabochons Prices
Prices depends on many factors like Color, Size and Shape. It starts with 0.10$/carat. It is a iridescent Gemstone and Visibility can be seen by tilting the stone, Best reflection depends on angle on which you are seeing it. It is said ideal summer Jewelry because of its blue color availability.

Handling and Care
This stone is slight less harden than Sapphire etc. as I explained before so it should be handled by little care. Anyways you can use it as daily basis, there is no such problem.

Oval Shaped Moonstone
round rainbow moonstone

moonstone blue srilanka

Blue Moonstone rounds from Sri Lanka