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Amethyst Cabs

AAA Pink and Purple Amethyst Cabochons African and Brazilian

Introduction about Amethyst Cabochons -
Amethyst is one of the most important Purple gemstone cabochon in today’s market place. This is true because Amethyst is the only Purple colored gemstone that is natural and is treatment free, otherwise you can always get Hydrothermal amethysts, Purple glass, Purple plastic cabs from the market, but as most people are looking for natural material as their love with the nature derives their thought and inclines their buying preference towards natural gemstone cabochons.
small size amethyst cabochonsafrican amethyst cabochons 5mm

African amethyst cabs

Amethyst has always been refereed as the “classy” color, the “elegant” color for the elite, the kings and queens of England used to celebrate their victory by wearing a Purple dress and it used to give them pride and prestige. Similarly, classy women who don’t like bright colors but prefer the colors to be classy would opt for Amethyst cabochon jewelry and likely so. Amethyst Jewelry comes in various forms, it can be Nice large cocktail rings, Calibrated sized cabochons made into tennis bracelets with different shades of Purple amethysts, from the Light Pink amethyst till the Dark (almost black) Amethyst.

amethyst pear shape cabochons

All shapes available in Amethyst African and Brazil (Pink) cabochon

Amethyst’s treatments have been accepted since they were started. The fact that Amethyst is heated to enhance their color has always been a accepted treatment, which is largely ignored, because otherwise Amethysts can look very dull and unappealing for the women to wear them, it wouldn’t give the deep look to their jewelry, and the design would be the eye appealing factor, instead of the Amethysts itself. Most jewelry today celebrates the pleasure to get the finest Brazilian amethyst (faceted not cabochons) which almost give a touch of the African material.

Source Amethyst cabochons from wholesale-Cabochons.com
Since our company started in 1993, we have loved the whole idea of Amethysts. Being the only gemstone that comes in this color, hue, tone, saturation, our company has always kept stock of these semi precious cabochons, in all calibrated sizes including large single stones for our wholesale customers. Unfortunately we don’t do retail (Like 1 piece or 2 pieces), we aren’t able to capitalize on the retail market, because of our company structure – lets talk more about the company’s structure. We have our factories in Chantaburi (Thailand) and also in India (Jaipur) where we produce ourselves large production in Amethyst cabochons on an everyday basis. Stones like amethysts we produce in our low cost and low labor Jaipur factory where labor are specialist in cutting “for weight” maximization, instead of Quality prioritized. We say this very honestly, having said this, we make sure all the cabochons are calibrated, have the same tolerance, similar colors depending on what the customer has ordered.

Most of our wholesale orders for this gemstone is calibrated rounds, like 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm rounds. These sizes are the hottest dimensions being used for calibrated sized rings, calibrated sized pendants that give a whole new look, and also single stone rings that consist of only one of the 8 mm round cabochon. These customers are usually wholesale suppliers who retail to the stores in their states, like Arizona, Alabama, NYC, New Jersey, London, Paris, San Fransisco and many more. Most of the American cities like to order these sizes along with Rose cut gemstones, sometimes also Rose cut cabochons.

Rose de France Amethyst (pink amethyst) – Pink color is lightest shade of Brazilian amethyst. This is very elegant color and quite economical prices. Prices for this are far lower than African amethyst (Purple).




Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan