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Finally we found a supplier who can make customized gems for our designs. Your recent honeycomb cabs supply was incredible. We look for a long term business relationship with you Mr. Navneet

- Tomo Tomoaki, Japan

Agate Cabochons

Supplying green, blue, white and black agate gemstone cabochons
Agate Cabochons are the specialty of our company and we are the one of the biggest manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Agate Cabochon.

Agate Cabochon is available in a variety of colors and this is the reason why it is called the earth rainbow. This is also famous by the name of laughter stone as according to the Mexican legend, it brings joy to the wearer.

You can contact us at info@wholesale-cabochon.com if you want to buy beautiful Agate Cabochon. By having this cabochon, you can bring joy in your life as well. You can buy it at reasonable prices from our store. The hardness of Agate Cabochon is 7 on the scale of Moh. It has a glassy gleam in it and its transparency is from translucent to opaque. Commonly mined places of Agate Cabochon are in Namibia and South Africa.

We export this beautiful Agate Cabochon in all around the world. We import Agate in crystal form directly from the source and manufacture beautiful cabochon in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand. Our prices are the lowest in the market and we sell only quality. You can compare our prices and quality from others. All possible shapes are available at our store like round, oval, free size, pear, drop, tear, square and many more.

different style cabs

Black Agate Cabochons

You can save 30-50% of your money or even more if you buy Agate Cabochon from us. You can visit our website for more products and information. You can write us about your requirements at info@wholesale-cabochon.com and feel free to communicate to us.

We have red, green, white, black and many other colors available in agate. This term “agate” is also referred as “Chalcedony” sometimes. Basically it comes with designed texture of colors and colored also make the uniform color.