Crystal Quartz Cabochons, Crystal Cabs

Crystal Quartz is one of the most common gemstone in our Cabochon store. In latest trend of Jewelry Crystal Quartz is being used with Smoky Quartz and it gives an elegant and magnificent look that is the reason of increasing sales of this stone.

Wholesale Supplier of Crystal Quartz Cabochons
Crystal Quartz Cabochons is one of the best selling items for our company, our prices were not competitive before but now we assure of competitive prices and best quality. Many Chinese suppliers are supplying at low prices but they compromise with quality and we supply best quality with low prices, this is the reason behind completing big orders of Crystal Cabs from all around the world.

Crystal Cabochons

Different Qualities of Crystal Quartz Cabochons available with us
There are many varieties in Crystal Quartz Cabochons as well as well as in cut. Low Quality one Crystal Quartz Gemstone has black spots on the surface (Inclusion), Chipped from Base etc., we do supply high quality with proper polishing, No Inclusion and Proper shape and cutting. Competitive Prices, High Quality, Delivery on time, Proper Customer Service make our company better from others. 

crystal cabochons

Astrology behind Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz that brings harmony in your life and also used in Healing, Meditation and protection. Sometimes this colorless and translucent and transparent (clear) also referred as Clear Quartz.

Prices of Crystal Quartz Cabochons
This stone starts with price 0.10$ and goes according to size and quality. Wholesale Factor also matters when you are ordering for this stone.